We have been very lucky with the opportunity to share so many couples’ stories of how they dated, fell in love, and ended up where they are on their wedding day, but never have we had an opportunity quite like the one that presented itself this week.

Dave, one of our cinematographers (and my brother), decided it was time to pop the question to his now fiance, Lindsay. So, being that we are suckers for good stories, what better an opportunity than to unfold the crazy story of what goes into a proposal. You will learn what happened as you watch, but just a couple fun behind the scenes points of interest.
1.) The ring really did arrive less than 5 minutes before Lindsay got to the house to go out to dinner.
2.) The gratuitous shot of the boxer in the back of the car is Bailey, our beloved four legged critter.
3.) Jackie (my wife) was more nervous than the guy popping the question, and was hiding on the beach along with me for the filming of the actual proposal.
4.) The majority of this film was shot and edited all in the same day (until 1:30 in the morning to be exact) so that Dave and Lindsay could surprise all of their family and friends by posting it on Facebook this morning. I’m sure they have received a few text messages by now 🙂
So with cameras rolling days before, during, and after the big question, we came up with this. . .
The Anatomy of an Engagement.
A HUGE thank you to the following people:
1.) Steve Kim at Five Crowns in Corona Del Mar for letting us film in his restaurant. Such a great guy and the food at this place is unreal. Great spot for a special occasion.
2.) Eric Sahagian from Mars Jewelry. An old friend, fraternity brother, and amazing jewelry manufacturer. Couldn’t have done it without you.
and thanks to the family for playing along as we put this all together. You know who you are.

We took a different approach to this Same Day Edit, so be sure to let us know what you think!

In the past, we have put some funky, funny, and all around crazy cuts together for our couples and their guests to enjoy at the reception. With Vicente + Deanna, we wanted to slow it down a bit and tell a story.
So we brought Lorinda’s (Maid of Honor) toast into the edit and tied into the emotion and excitement that was clearly evident at every turn of the day.
Thank you to Michelle Johnson from MichelleJohnsonPhotography for being such a plesure to work with and a very special thank you to Scott Yoffe from Entertainment Express as he was pivitol in helping us to tie everything together for the edit. Also, if you are looking for a venue for a wedding, go no further than Padua Hills Theatre. Just watch the SDE and check it out for yourself!

>Jill + Matt are the perfect fit. A little faith in some good friends and a double date set the spark that has since created a relationship described as inseparable and meant for one another.

Perhaps my favorite aspect to this wedding was that it was simple, yet so beautiful. Jill got ready at her parents house; the wedding dress hanging in the bedroom she grew up in. We can’t take all the credit for the story in this trailer as Heather Puhek from Beauty and the Beach was asking the questions, but we just happened to be there, so why not film, right???

As Jill and the girl finished up, Matt was waiting at the church with his best friend. The reception was held at the one and only Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace in Yorba Linda. As the sun touched the hillside and the day unveiled the evening, Jill + Matt were surrounded by the closest of family and friends.

A very special thank you to Gabriel Ryan from Gabriel.Ryan.Photographers. He was extremely accommodating throughout the day and gave us the flexibility to get creative with the coverage.

Gabriel also happened to be kind enough to lend us the photo you see below. Click here to check out his blog post of the day, where you will find more stunning imagery from this very talented man.

Keeping in the simple theme, we give you Jill + Matt. A simple romance. documented. enjoy.

On a separate note, I would like to give a shout out to Eric from Extreme DJ for always rockin’ the reception. In fact, on this occasion, Ben and I teamed up with Gabriel and Carlie in a new tradition. For lack of a better term, I’m going to refer to this from now on as “Ghostriding the Cake”. LOL, enjoy

What do Donuts, Kanye Glasses, Lucha Libre Masks, Cardboard Cutouts, Bobble Heads, Cinderella, and Utility Knives have in common??? LOL, this Same Day Edit of course!

Jason + Kristina is one of the most enjoyable couples we have been able to work with and their personality and style is in a class all its own. When we first arrived at the beautiful Hilton in Pasadena, we couldn’t help but notice the life size cardboard cutouts of these two sitting in Kristina’s suite. We simply had to find a corky way to incorporate those into the open for this larger than life SDE.

Jason, the self proclaimed King of Donuts, decided to give all of his groomsmen Lucha Libre masks and they in turn decided to wear them, which was beyond entertaining. From the “Power Up” to the Kung Fu Demonstration during the grand entrance, there was plenty of camera chemistry to go around.

As the reception ran along, the party grew larger and as the Same Day Edit was presented to over 250 guests, the footage was barely a couple hours old.

Special thanks to Joe Paxton from Atmosphere Entertainment for providing a rockin’ reception, as always. Thank you also to Theresa from Hustle and Bustle Events for keeping the night on track.

And here it is, Jason + Kristina // an eclectic SDE . . .

Just days before the filming of this wedding, we contacted Michael + Rachel’s amazing coordinator, Kelly from Mint Weddings (shameless plug: if you need a superior coordinator look no further than Kelly!), to go over the final timeline. It was then that we were told that Scott Russo from the band Unwritten Law was going to be singing an acoustic version of “Cailin” for their first dance.

You see, Unwritten Law is one of Michael + Rachel’s all time favorite bands and what better way to surprise your wife-to-be than to bring the lead singer from the band to your wedding to perform your song for the first dance. . . . . tough to beat that one.
So as Rachel sat clueless upstairs at their ultra lounge reception for hours, Scott carefully snuck in the back door to the downstairs club and needless to say, it was an epic surprise. When looking to put together Michael + Rachel’s highlights, how could we not make use of such a great performance and memorable moment?
So here you have it, Michael + Rachel // Unwritten Love
Enjoy! -Steve

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