Serendipity. That’s the word Laura likes to use when she describes her chance meeting with Ross at a bar in Dallas three years ago.

She’s right, after all. What ARE the odds that Laura and her friend should stop at a random bar while visiting family — some 1,100 miles away from her own home —and happen to meet the love of her life? At the time, Ross was actually on a second date with a fellow dental student. He overheard Laura and her friend chatting with the bartender about dental school. Laura was two years into dental school herself and looking to find a residency program so she took the opportunity to gain insight from her new acquaintances. Ross — ever the gentleman — offered to show her around his own dental residency program (he was at Baylor University) and she was pretty quickly taken by his gracious charm and humor. The rest is, well, you see where this is going.

After hanging out a few times, the pair began talking frequently and eventually started dating long distance. For a year and a half Laura — at the University of Michigan — and Ross (who was still at Baylor) made their relationship work through phone calls, skypes, weekend trips and holiday visits until they both graduated and moved to Houston together. They still live there now — Laura is finishing her residency and Ross has a dental practice. They’re one of those couples with a story that almost seems part fairy tale and it’s no small thanks to a little chance and serendipity that it all began in that bar in Dallas. We loved being a part of the day that brought the whole story together, and had more than a few laughs with this goofy couple.

This is our final trailer of 2015 and we couldn’t think of a better one to end on. From all of us at Threaded Films, have a happy holidays. We look forward to lots of fun projects to share in the new year.


Steve, Ben and Matt

It’s a funny thing how a business built on selling scraps of metal could be such a testament of strength. In this case, it turned out to be much more than just a business. It’s the very foundation of two families’ deep friendship. It was this friendship —  begun many years ago — that eventually led to the marriage of our friends Brittany and Tyler.

You see, their two families have been welded together (see what we did there) for a handful of decades. Both their fathers became partners in the scrap metal business and over the years since their families’ bond has been well, forged pretty strong. The respective children of the two families had always been friends but as they grew older it was inevitable a romance would arise. There was a moment when it clicked for then-teenage Brittany and Tyler, on a joint-family vacation to Tahiti. The talked and hung out endlessly that trip, their mutual interest growing as their relationship from family friends transmogrified into romantic interests. When they parted ways at the end of the summer for their respective colleges — it was clear that they wouldn’t be parted for long.

Though their families date back so much further, that was undoubtedly the beginning of their own path together. Some seven years later, Tyler got down on one knee and pulled a piece of stationary from his pocket. He read that poem to Brittany, asking her in so many words to be his bride. Those scraps of stationary were kept and framed along with the wine bottle they used to celebrate; that frame was on display, sitting on a nearby table when Tyler spoke his vows in October at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, fittingly another poem.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a few of the fabulous people who joined us in being a part of the day: flawless floral displays from Art with Nature Design, an incredible array of food from 24 Carrots Catering and Events, the unmistakeable and incomparable DJ Steve Shanahan of Honored Occasions, talented photographer Joel Maus from Studio EMP — a pleasure as always to work alongside — Saddlerock Ranch for serving as the gorgeous venue for the evening and of course everything for the entire day so meticulously planned to a T by our friends at Intertwined Events.

The details that so many worked on throughout (and for that matter, in the days leading up to) the big day were breathtaking. Shortly after the ceremony we overheard one of the guests in attendance — mesmerized by those same details we were — leaned over to the crowd of people next to him and chuckled, looking around in appreciation at the dozen tables filled with bouquets of flowers and the willow trees billowing with lights. He echoed the sentiment so many wondered with amazement that night, “Can you believe all this was built on scrap metal?”

We can think of nothing stronger on which to build a new marriage. And it really does make for a fairy tale like beginning to Brittany and Tyler’s life together: two families, two poems, a whole bunch of scrap metal and one very happy couple. They really are a couple scraps to each other (it was after all, their chosen hashtag). And we mean that as the highest of compliments.


RAD Camp

In the month of giving thanks for all that we are grateful for in our lives, we know it is important to give back to the causes we believe strongly in. RAD Camp is one of those charities. For those that don’t know, RAD Camp serves adults (18+) and children (4-17) with developmental disabilities. It ensures that every participant is treated with respect, while encouraging independence, growth, and FUN! Most importantly, at RAD Camp they focus on each camper’s ability – not disability – and are dedicated to making sure each participant has a great time in a safe and caring environment.

Please join us in making a donation to this amazing cause.

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Erin and Quint have known each other just about as long as they’ve been alive. They grew up as friends in nearby Hermosa Beach and as they grew up, so did their relationship. They formed around them a strong — not to mention hilarious — group of friends, family and supporters.

Erin and Quint started dating on August 22, 2003; they were 16 at the time. Their wedding day marked their 12-year anniversary, a day they decided to spend with the close friends that have watched as their relationship blossomed from friends to husband and wife. For Quint, an avid golfer, it was a morning on the The Links at Terranea — with a few beers involved along the way. And Erin spent the morning relaxing and getting ready in the villa with her close friends and Pi Phi sisters.

It was a moving and really, really fun day with both couples and their posses. There were emotional moments throughout the day, but all that paled in comparison to when Quint and Erin read each other their personalized vows.

“I promise i will age gracefully, a race it appears I’m already losing to you at the age of 28,” joked Quint. “Erin you’re my best friend, my lifelong partner, my cooking companion, my travel buddy, my other half and its very hard to imagine life without you. when I sit down and think about it, spending forever with you just doesn’t seem like it’s going to be long enough.”

It was pretty clear, they both poured some serious soul in there; there were jokes, laughs and pretty much everybody cried at some point.

“I promise to ride with you in your golf cart wherever you want to go,” Erin told Quint minutes later. “At 16 a girl dreams of marrying her first love. Today you have made that day my reality.”

It’s moments like that that make what we do all the more worth it. And when the backdrop for such an occasion is the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Special thanks to Erin and Quint for sharing their day with us and hats off to our friend Jeannie Savage and her team at Details, Details for planning yet another beautiful day, Nisie’s Enchanted Florists for the gorgeous floral arrangements and of course the Cuban Cigar Factory for the incredible hand-rolled cigar station in the evening (you know we had to indulge). We’d be remiss if we didn’t extend a shoutout to Gabriel and Carlie of Gabriel Ryan photography, as always, a pleasure working alongside friends.

“Have you met our friend Murphy?” is a pretty commonly spoken phrase in the studio. You may be familiar with old Murphy’s Law yourself — you know, that mantra that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong? Usually Murphy brings us airplanes flying overhead when we’re about to sit down for an interview, gusting winds when we’re trying to set up stands and screens or of course, halting traffic when we’re moving locations on a busy shoot day.

Last week, our friend Murphy brought us — in the midst of a historic drought mind you — more than an inch of rain in a 5-hour window in San Diego. You know, that city with the perfect weather every other day of the year? Yep, we have a way with Murphy.

Vizio had hired us for a fun project — to capture Stevie Johnson, San Diego Chargers wide receiver handing out $30, 000 in VIZIO technology to college students who returned to school this month. The catch was that, well, students actually had to make a catch — they had to reel in a 30-yard pass from Johnson to get a choice of a 32-inch VIZIO HDTV or a sound stand. It’s an awesome promotion and a blast to shoot. It’s just not quite as fun when you’re hauling your cameras under umbrellas out into the pouring rain.

The good news is we were due for a little good luck. Sure enough, as Ben, Matt and Steve stood huddled together under a tent canopy with soaked pants and soggy socks devouring pizza and waiting for Johnson to arrive, the rain began to soften. A half hour later, we were standing out on the field doing a standup interview with Johnson and the sun was poking through the clouds.

We may have been a little nervous watching the water pour out of the sky earlier, but we couldn’t have asked for a better day. The students were pumped, Stevie was amped to be there and had a blast throwing passes and we got to witness some pretty awesome (and admittedly, some pretty awful) touchdown, free-television victory dances in the mud. As you can tell, more than a few students went home wet but happy — not a bad week to be back at school.