It all began at Wagsdale Dog Park. Every day, people take their beloved four legged children to the dog park to let them get their energy out. Sniff, smell, pee, poop (yes, if you list them, you have to list them all), and begin the process all over again. Little did Bill and Gen know that a chance meeting one day at a dog park would ultimately blossom into many more intentional meetings at the dog park down the road.

Soon, the intentions behind the trips to Wagsdale changed entirely and what was once a chore of simple necessity had grown into an act of anxious anticipation. What is even a bit more interesting about this story is that I used to take my own dog to this dog park and I recall seeing these two (Bill and Gen) there in the beginning of their courtship. As I wasn’t nearly as consistent of a visitor to the park, I would stumble back in with Bailey (my boxer) a couple months later. . . . and it was very clear that something was going on between these two that wasn’t there before. So when they contacted the studio from a completely unrelated referral, it was crazy to see that my intuitions were correct and this relationship truly had blossomed from the dog park!

While we had this one circled on the calendar from the beginning of the year, the shoot itself was even better than we anticipated. As the girls got ready, Bill took to the same routine that he and Gen partake in EVERY day. . . . literally. We felt it was important to incorporate their daily routine (even on the wedding day) with their beloved Boxer, Rocko, into their trailer. He, as well as Soco (Bill’s Chocolate Lab who sadly passed a few years ago) played the role of matchmakers in this great love story and they are just as crucial to Bill and Gen’s tale as any other part of the day.

Wow, what a night. This one was a ton of fun and we’d be lying if we didn’t say that we are smitten with Patrick and Sherri. These two are the bomb, and there’s no other way to put it!

Sherri knows how to create amazing origami, thus she took on the task of making customized origami cranes for all 170 of her guests. When she told us about this, we couldn’t help but insist that we film the process and make it part of the Same Day Edit. We took the opportunity to not only incorporate the Origami into the same day edit, but also weave the storyline with folds and transitions that in our crazy minds. . . . felt like video origami.

There are so many little touches in this one that scream Patrick and Sherri. Some are subtle (the ode to their endless love of video games) and some are blatantly obvious, like their four legged child, Kujo. This little guy stole the show and became one of the more significant threads through the storyline in the edit.

We are so happy for Patrick and Sherri and we truly hope that we did them proud with our interpretation of an Origami Same Day Edit. Here is their edit as seen by 170 of their closest friends and family this evening.

A Special thanks to Kerrie Underhill from Platinum Weddings by Kerrie for making our lives easy as she always does! Also a shout out to our new friend Sarah Chen from Sarah K Chen Photography. Eh Hem. . . . . .You Rock!!! Florals were created by the one and only Enchanted Florist and another big thank you to Peter from Vive Entertainment for his assistance with the audio for the presentation.


Walk United

Back in the beginning of the summer we were contacted by United Way to film a promotional spot for their annual event called Walk United. Since it’s inception just three years ago, the event has amassed participation beyond Orange County United Way’s wildest expectations. Thousands turn out to unite and walk as one through and around Angel Stadium all while raising money to fight poverty in Orange County. We strapped on the gear bags, steadicams, and some serious running shoes to bring this one together. We had the opportunity to cut two different versions and what you see below is the condensed trailer that Orange County United Way will use next year to get people excited to come together again.

The approach behind this spot was to instantly grab the viewers attention and showcase the event from a different angle that dramatically visualizes how many people participate in what is a fantastic event for a great cause.

As always from our commercial shoots. . . . a few snapshots:

My personal favorite. A screen grab from a great shot that Ben was able to capture.

Walkers as they enter Angel Stadium on the warning track.

Top to Bottom: Registration. Zoomba warmup prior to the walk. Rockclimbing wall with participants wearing UPS shirts, the home-run sponsor for the event.

Carmela and Chris are now married. However, this wedding, as Chris will tell you, was more of the formality to make official what was “already goin’ down”. With Same Day Edits, we try to hone in on what is most important to our couples and follow those story lines through their edit so that their guests have the ability to see the wedding day unfold through the angles and threads that are most relevant to the bride and groom. By far, the favorite part of the shoot is always right after the cake cutting when everyone has the opportunity to see the wedding day in a way they didn’t know was possible as we press play on the projector and run and hide in the back of the reception. We’d be lying if we didn’t say we like to peek around the room and see people crying, then laughing, then crying again. . . . . and then laughing.

We caught up with Carmela and Chris before the wedding to chat and get to know one another. As the conversation grew and the details unfolded, we came to the point where we asked them what the most important part of their wedding day was. . . . . the answer was simple and unanimous. . . . Elina.

And with that, here is their Same Day Edit as seen by 150 of their closest family and friends last night.

One more note: Same Day Edits are not possible without the help and support of incredible DJs and bands that are willing to amplify the audio for the guests to hear. Last night was no exception and a huge thank you is due to Tim Altbaum from TAProductions for his help. Filmed on location at the one and only L’Auberge Del Mar.



Sometimes we all need a little recharging. For me, that recharge comes when I go home. Home is Jackson.

Serenity is found in few places on this earth and every time I have the opportunity to travel back to Jackson, I’m never disappointed.

It is truly one of the most remarkable places in that you can escape from “the grind” with just a few miles worth of driving. City fades to Countryside and stress melts away. The Grand Tetons at sunrise. Bison and Elk grazing at ease. The long, familiar faces (forgive the cheap joke) that look to ask me where I’ve been. I wish I could get back here more often as with each year that passes, though it feels more and more distant, it is still home.

In Jackson, there is a great gem of a hike mostly known by the locals, although anyone can appreciate it. . . . that is. . . .if they can find it. And if you ever do get the privilege to travel to Jackson Hole, the Darby Wind caves are a must for the avid hiker. . . Just don’t forget your compass. . . . oh, and your Bear spray. I put together a little clip of the hike to the caves and also captured some images that mean home to me.


An Ansel Adam’s favorite. Not much has changed in the last 70 years. Still an epic image.