Over the July 4th weekend, I received a voicemail from a photographer by the name of Jasmine Star asking if I could collaborate on a video with her. As I first heard the voicemail, my hear skipped a beat. You see, Jasmine Star is a very well known photographer. How well known??. . .

She was voted one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers of 2009 by peers in the industry. Top 10. . . . In the World.

Needless to say, flattered is not a word that does it justice when she contacted me to collaborate with her. and then my heart started beating again.

Jasmine is working with Chase Jarvis (HUGE COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER) and CreativeLive to host a free online seminar as she shoots a real wedding. . . LIVE. It’s a crazy idea and Jasmine is just the photographer to pull it off. What an honor to create a video for such a vibrant personality with an addictive laugh and great sense of humor.

Congrats Jasmine!!! – and here is the video we produced for her:

UPDATE TO THIS POST: The other video that we created for her is now live as well. This video is Calling all couples to apply to be married LIVE in front of a massive photography community and anyone else who is down to watch! Check it out:

Often times the bride and groom are asked to write their own vows to one another. Perhaps they recite what their beau reminds them of, or the thoughts that come to mind on their wedding day. We found Eric’s vows to Heather to stand out on a few fronts. First, he said he wasn’t going to make it through without crying, which was true, because he made it eleven words in before he got choked up.

All kidding aside, Eric decided to explain just how much he loves Heather in his vows, and we must say that he loves her. . . . . a lot.

A huge congratulations to the newlyweds and the best truly is yet to come. In the meantime, check out their wedding and his vows below!

Enjoy 🙂

About a month ago, we made the decision to add a wonderful addition to the office space by bringing in two amazing photographer friends by the names of Gabriel Ryan and Carlie Renee. It’s always great to bounce ideas off other professionals in the industry, get feedback from a different perspective (photo vs. cinema), and have a great time working with others on a daily basis. What better way then to move them in???

We knew going into this that inevitably we would work on various future projects together down the road, but we never thought we would have such a great opportunity just a few weeks in!
So, two weeks ago was our first collaboration. . . . .
The chic ladies from Utterly Engaged (also the creators of a wonderful little gem of a find in Tustin called The Wedding Pantry) asked us to create a tutorial on how to tie a bowtie, which they wanted to feature in Issue 011 of their wonderful, unique, and first of its kind Wedding E-Magazine. Instantly we knew two things: 1.) It had to be funny and 2.) Bailey (the boxer) had to be in the tutorial. So after an hour of filming, 45 minutes of editing, and 9 bags of dog treats later, we came up with this, and we are pretty happy with the result, if we don’t say so ourselves. Maybe we are jaded because of the cute little dog in the bowtie. . . . . you be the judge.

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We always encourage couples to go for it. Not the marriage part. . . they are already going for that; the details and the special touches, just go for it and have fun. Christopher + Gina did just that. From writing their own letters to one another for the ceremony, to the rhinestone message on the bottom of Gina’s shoes, they went for it and truly made the day their own.

These two were married at the beautiful Los Willos in Fallbrook. Tucked away back in the hills, this venue offered a secluded setting for everyone to enjoy, not to mention one fun aspect was the Brides arrival to the ceremony. As everyone looked down the aisle, she came in across the lake via boat, which was cool. . . and we also had a little fun with the bouquet and the Rolls Royce.
Another aspect of the day was the lighthearted fun that both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen were having as they were getting ready. While the guys were attempting to figure out how to use suspenders, the girls were busy having sword fights with twizzlers.
A wonderful shout out to David Torralva as it was great to reunite and work with him again. Many thanks as well to Alex Grammatico from Pro Sound DJs for being so easy and accommodating to work with.
and here it is, Christopher + Gina // I Do