We always encourage couples to go for it. Not the marriage part. . . they are already going for that; the details and the special touches, just go for it and have fun. Christopher + Gina did just that. From writing their own letters to one another for the ceremony, to the rhinestone message on the bottom of Gina’s shoes, they went for it and truly made the day their own.

These two were married at the beautiful Los Willos in Fallbrook. Tucked away back in the hills, this venue offered a secluded setting for everyone to enjoy, not to mention one fun aspect was the Brides arrival to the ceremony. As everyone looked down the aisle, she came in across the lake via boat, which was cool. . . and we also had a little fun with the bouquet and the Rolls Royce.
Another aspect of the day was the lighthearted fun that both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen were having as they were getting ready. While the guys were attempting to figure out how to use suspenders, the girls were busy having sword fights with twizzlers.
A wonderful shout out to David Torralva as it was great to reunite and work with him again. Many thanks as well to Alex Grammatico from Pro Sound DJs for being so easy and accommodating to work with.
and here it is, Christopher + Gina // I Do

We recently filmed Jen + Kevin’s wedding and showed you a double highlight feature of both the artistic side of their day as well as the incredibly fun Shamrocker’s set at the reception. Just this past week, we delivered their film and within 24 hours, we received this email. I like to post these kinds of emails because they tell you what a couple feels once they have an opportunity to relive their day weeks afterwards through the film:


We received our wedding DVDs today and it took all my willpower to wait for Kevin to get home tonight before watching it! As expected based on how amazing the highlight film was, the full length film totally blew us away. We felt like we relived the night all in 25 minutes. You guys hit on everything we were looking for. It was so fun to see all the stuff we missed, especially the footage of each of us and our attendants before the ceremony. And then to make it even better, all of the special features – the ceremony, speeches and of course the full Shamrockers performance. A simple thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to express our gratitude. Thinking about how we will share this film with our friends and families for years to come, with our children, with their children, we are so grateful to have had such a talented team capture and edit it all for us. So please know this is more than a simple thank you, this is the biggest, most sincere and heartfelt thank you from us and our family!! THANK YOU!!! We could not love our final film more or be more pleased with your work and professionalism.

All the best,

Jen & Kevin Daly”

Rolyn + Stephanie’s wedding was 12 years in the making, as Stephanie will happily tell you:-) So as the day approached and they needed to pick a song for the Same Day Edit, it is only fitting that they chose “All in” by Lifehouse.

From our first meeting, we were taken back by how easy going and just plain nice Rolyn + Stephanie were. We felt as though this really poured the pressure on because we wanted to do something unique to make their Same Day Edit stand out and reflect just how fun and cool their day was. It doesn’t hurt when the ceremony is at the one and only Mission Basilica in San Juan at the Mission San Juan Capistrano. This church has Ornate written all over it and the footage from inside is breathtaking. We knew we were in for a treat with the church, but another unknown surprise was their transportation. Rolyn + Stephanie decided to go for the ultimate beach ride in a giant woody. For more info on the Bus, check out the company’s website HERE.
As soon as we saw this crazy contraption, we knew it was going to be showcased in their Same Day Edit, along with all the fun footage from the Mission Grounds and the reception. A special thank you to Jan Walker and Jennifer Mildner from Magnolia’s Floral Design for allowing us to film as they setup the reception venue. Also, a shout out to Mardy Divina from Your Divine Wedding.
So here it is, Rolyn + Stephanie // A Big Woody SDE. Enjoy! 🙂

We were excited from the start for this wedding because we are always pumped for new venues and having never filmed at Balboa Park in San Diego, not to mention The Prado, so we were all in.

Jen + Kevin were simply icing on the cake because they are potentially one of the nicest couples we have ever worked with, not to mention they like to party. . . . all night. Kevin plays in a family band (The Shamrockers, and yes they even have a WEBSITE) and has done so for years, so it was a given that they were going to put on a set at the reception and how could we possibly leave that out, right?? So, we decided to take this edit in a different direction creating a double highlight. First, the stuff we love to do with a song we have been holding in our back pocket for the right wedding. Then, we jump into the party with Kevin and the rest of the Shamrockers.
Before we get started, a couple important notes. 1.) Will Parris from Parris Studios is a saint. That is the only word that can describe this photographer sent from the heavens to save our butts. As Jen + Kevin’s shoot concluded, we left Balboa Park and beautiful San Diego only to realize when we got home that not only did we leave San Diego, we also left several batteries and chargers. Long story short, Will grabbed all the gear we left behind and dropped it off for us on his way back up to Orange County. A SAINT. . . . Thank you Will, not to mention he took the sweet photo booth pics below 🙂
Special shout out to Susanne from Crown Weddings for all of her help the day of. Also, a plug to Karen Tran Florals as they were a large reason for why the footage looked so great at a stunning reception.
And here it is. . . . Jen + Kevin // A Double Highlight
P.S. – We are suckers for Photobooths. . . . thanks Will!

>Fun. That is quite possibly the easiest way to sum up Jim + Barbara’s relationship, their personalities, and their wedding. These two just wanted to have a good time with some of their closest friends and family.

It was almost as though the ceremony was simply a formality and the true purpose of everyone coming together was simply to eat some amazing food, listen to incredible music, and partake in one crazy party. . . and they did.
But, first, as we are suckers for great stories, this one has a very unique facet. Barbara plays the spoons. If you have no idea what that means, don’t worry, neither did we, but since it was made clear to us that she would be playing the spoons at the reception, we had to get the background info. Thus enjoy a unique trailer that has two sides, and whatever you do, be sure to stay until the end for my personal favorite shot of the day 🙂
A HUGE thank you to Kathy Nosek from A Divine Occasion as she was a very big reason for why the day ran so smoothly. Also, we had the opportunity to work with Larry from Crandall Photo, be sure to check out his site for some incredible imagery!
Finally, we have filmed many weddings, but these guys really stand out. If you are looking for a top notch band, you simply have to check out Chuck Wansley and the Chuck Wansley Band. Just go to their site and click on the video. I promise they are as good as I’ve seen, not to mention, they are playing along with Barbara and her spoons 🙂
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