Ever feel like those consumer tests you see on TV are fake? Well, being on the other side of the camera we can actually guarantee that this one is legit.

VIZIO hired us to shoot their Crave SmartCast Blind Speaker test at the Irvine Spectrum this fall. No gimmicks, no tricks, just a room with covered speakers and a series of questions for your every day Irvites (Irviners? Irvinians? We’re still not really sure) at the mall to tell us which one they liked better.

The results were pretty astounding. VIZIO Crave 360 outperformed the Sonos Play 1 seven times out of ten — granted (in honor of full transparency) the Sonos Play 1 costs $170 retail versus VIZIO’S Crave 360 at $250 retail, but most consumers we talked to said the price was worth the quality. And the VIZIO Crave Pro Multi-Room speaker did even better, outperforming the competing Sonos Play 3 NINE times out of ten. Pretty impressive, considering those are at pretty similar price points; the Crave Pro runs $300 whereas the Play 3 sells for $270 retail.

Hanging out at the VIZIO Audio lab at the Spectrum on a sunny fall day made for a pretty fun shoot for us. Plus it was cool to see people’s honest reaction to a set of VIZIO products that seems to be pretty dang awesome (Christmas shopping anyone?). But don’t take our word for it, check out what the Irvinetonians (maybe?) have to think in the final film below.