You know how they say first impressions are everything? The story of how Derek and Vanessa met certainly bucks that trend. Derek met Vanessa at a bar with friends when, against his better judgement, he sloppily threw a cup of ice water at then-stranger Vanessa. The story of that night may have ended poorly but fortunately Derek and Vanessa’s doesn’t. A few weeks later, an embarrassed Derek and a slightly bitter Vanessa met up again. Any tension they had quickly melted when they quickly realized how much they had in common — their love of hockey, music, and good beer. Flash forward two years and here we are on their wedding day — the ice-water incident is of course nearly forgotten (well, at least forgiven).

The vows that they wrote to each other were the perfect narrative to this teaser. We could think of no better way to describe Vanessa and Derek together — sincere, heartfelt, loving, and of course, a little sassy. Derek about sums up the story of their relationship when he says he’s honored that Vanessa wanted to marry him forever because, in his words, “That’s a long time, and I’m pretty obnoxious.” Cup of ice water anyone?

Congrats to these two, we had an amazing time sharing your day with you. And it was such a fantastic day; we loved working alongside the incredible likes of photographer Jenavieve Belair (we’ll do family dinner again one of these nights), florist Karen Barch Mallory, coordinator Michelle Maciel, DJ Shane Ysais DJ, Kristy Warner and Angela Smith for hair and makeup, Chad of The Socal Wedding Officiant and of course Stone Brewing Company (a fantastic place to visit, event or otherwise).