First and foremost, Happy Halloween!!! Belated or otherwise, always a fun holiday and an opportunity for children and adult children alike to give into the practice that is dressing up like a complete idiot and candy binging. . . guilty as charged.

Moving forward, we switch gears to Scott + Brigitte (who will be referred to from this point forward by their true power couple name, Scigitte).

Our crew lives for juxtaposition, the concept of placing two things together that you wouldn’t normally see and making them more interesting because of it. If you watch our films, you know that we look for it in everything we do. So when Brigitte contacted us for her wedding day to take place on Halloween, you know we were instantly sold.

Before you jump to conclusions, however, this was not a wedding you would expect on Halloween. These two are not creatures of the night or costume hounds just waiting for October 31st to get married. . . . just a couple that stands firm in their faith and the belief that things happen for a reason, and ultimately a puzzle can only be put together in one way (to be explained in the SDE).

Scigitte has a crazy long backstory that involves several twists and turns that incorporate finding their faith, losing one another, rekindling, and vowing not to EVEN SHARE A KISS until they were married. It almost goes without saying that the Same Day Edit was going to have to end on that first kiss, right???

Scott began the day golfing with his father. A last outing as a single man looking for those fatherly words of advice, which he later shared with one of the guys on his car ride to the venue. Brigitte sat quietly at her friend’s house, putting together the final touches for the florals, which she had done ON HER OWN for the entire wedding day.

A day that is so infamous for demons and devils, candy and scares, horror and fear. . . it was the ultimate juxtaposition for Scigitte. Demons and devils??? We saw an angel fairy princess flower girl. Candy and scares? We saw laughing, good food, and an overwhelmingly sweet candy bar. Horror and fear? Not on this day. . . . Only love, laughter, and an unyielding dedication of Scigitte’s devotion to their faith.

It wouldn’t be fair to proceed without first thanking two UBER-RAD vendors! First, Janel Conlan from Focus Photography. The definition of Rad Photographer, and amazingly sweet and cool human. Thank you Janel for always being so great to work with. Second, Justin from Generations Entertainment made the SDE possible. Thank you for allowing us to work through your soundboard all evening and for keeping the party rockin’

And now, Scott + Brigitte // the Scigitte SDE