We love backyard weddings. The details. The intimacy. The uniqueness of the venue. There is so much that can be learned about a couple at a backyard wedding just by the thought that goes into every aspect of the day.

Sarah + Jeff decided to make their wedding happen in Jeff’s parents’ backyard. To say that every detail was attended to would be understating the event. Jeff and his grandfather filled in the swimming pool with a plywood base that can be seen during the rehearsal footage. The alter was also hand made. Photos throughout the house were filled in with pictures of the lovely couple and to top it off, dinner consisted of a made to order pasta bar (let’s just say we gave that part specifically two thumbs up) and mashed potatoes in martini glasses.

As we arrived to the house, the rain from the morning was just beginning to let up. No sooner than the rain stopped, the sun cranked up about 14 notches. It was as if two completely different weather forecasts had collided. Perhaps it was simply fate as it never rains on a bride’s big day in Southern California. . . .

As the day wore on, we began to focus some of our attention on all the work that was taking place behind the scenes. The dance between the Catering Crew, the Bartenders, and the Event Planners was almost choreographed. Although we don’t show it in the trailer, it will reveal itself in Jeff + Sarah’s final film and it was a very organized chaos to say the least.

When all was said and done, this wedding was hands down one of our favorites this year. Jeff + Sarah, married in his parents backyard, but not a backyard wedding by any stretch of the imagination.

A very large shout out to Lisa Moon from Lisa Moon Events. As always, she worked her magic on the big day, as well as at the rehearsal 🙂 Also, a very special thank you to Justin from Generations Entertainment for making our life easier once again at the reception! Krista Jon from Downtown Flowers ROCKED the florals as you will see, and Rog and Lyndzee from Ellsworthphotography were so great to work with as well!

And now, Sarah + Jeff. . . enjoy!