Ever wonder what goes into setting up a red carpet premiere in Hollywood? We have the low-down for you.┬áThis is our third year being part of the VIZIO team at the annual AFI Fest in Hollywood and every year it gets a little easier to manage the madness of a big premiere, though it certainly doesn’t get any less crazy out there.

This year’s finale of the AFI Fest was Patriots Day, a deeply moving film about the grisly 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing that killed three and wounded 264. Mark Wahlberg produced and starred in the film that dwells deeply on the effects of the tragedy and the response by his beloved hometown.

It was an honor to speak with the cast and crew who had the hefty task of telling the stories of the victims, responders and all those touched so deeply by the horrific attack. After the red carpet parade it was a quick run to the editing room to cut together (well, Steve handled most of the dirty work of editing) the highlight piece before the movie finished. It was certainly a long day, but another fun one for the books.

Shoutout to friend and photographer Alicia Mink for the killer photos you see in the slideshow below. Thanks to Katie at the BrandAmp for running point for us throughout the event, to all our friends at VIZIO, and a much more solemn thank you to those who were at any way a part of the difficult events that transpired in Boston three years ago, for all they endured.