Mike’s father, also Mike, is a Colonel in the United States Air Force. So when he stated that the planning that went into this wedding was the best he had ever seen, it meant something. He was not only referring to the wedding, but all of the activities surrounding it.

Jamie + Mike live the life of a military family. As Mike is a Major in the Airforce, they are bound to the life that it brings, including the relocation from time to time. So for the wedding, family and friends joined them from all over the country, thus Jamie planned out activities for everyone. From shopping at South Coast Plaza, to Yoga on the Beach, to a 5K run the morning of the wedding, there were activities all weekend.
This is not to say that the wedding was not every bit as structured and as we arrived to the ceremony rehearsal, it was very evident that this couple was not messing around. As Jamie + Michael and immediate family arrived, Jamie quickly began going through her wedding notebook approving itinerary and details as Mike and his brother, Brad quickly took to the Sabre Ceremony. In military tradition, a special ceremony is performed at the end of the ceremony service that involves ushers, very real swords, and the bride and groom. Brad, the lead in the service took the honor very seriously and the two probably spent 25 minutes rehearsing and perfecting what was to take place on the big day. This became a driving thread in their Same Day Edit as you’ll see.
As the morning of the wedding came, the two set out for split activities with family and friends. Mike lead the 5K run while Jamie’s good friend led a Yoga instruction on the beach. From there, the rigid timeline began and helped to unfold what was a most memorable of days, and one that definitely shined during the Ceremony within the Ceremony.
A couple MONSTER points of mention. First, Kathy Nosek from A Divine-Occasion Wedding and Event Planning. This woman is incredible and her execution at any event is second to none. Thank you to her for helping us to deliver what was truly a fun presentation for all that evening. A second shout out goes straight to Chuck Wansley and The Chuck Wansley Band. If I was getting married tomorrow, these guys would be performing at the reception. Unbelievable. The only word to describe them and they made the Same Day Edit happen without a hitch, so thank you to them as well! Finally, our new friend, Pepper Nix from Pepper Nix Photography. Photographer and crazy like us, need we say more?
And here it is as it was shown to everyone at the reception las night. Jamie + Michael // The Ceremony Within the Ceremony SDE