Opposites attract. Clear and simple. One of the undeniable truths of the universe. Just as gravity pulls objects towards the earth and inertia will keep an object in motion; just as air smells cleaner after a good solid rain and trees shed their leaves in winter only to re cultivate them again in the spring, opposites will always attract to one another.

Becky is flat out corky and fun. While we haven’t known her for years, you can tell instantly when she comes in the room. There is a gaping smile just waiting to surface and it is when she is around her childhood friends that the personality truly comes to life as demonstrated by the “gift” that was given to her by Amy, her maid of honor, as the girls got ready.

Mark is calm, cool, collected. Not that he doesn’t have fun (the guy used a mechanic’s shop creeper for the garter remover), but he definitely balances Becky out. He is clearly the one for her and most certainly her opposite.

Becky’s father is a Church Pastor. As you will learn in the trailer, he has presided over many weddings, but walking his own daughter down to the aisle to then preside over her wedding was a special moment. To say that it added a very personal dynamic to an already emotional ceremony would be an understatement.

A very special thank you to Kimi Wislocki from Perfect Planning for all of her help with orchestrating the day’s events. Also, a shout out to Stefanie from Studio EMP who brought out the best in Mark and Becky and whose imagery is stunning. Finally, a big thanks to Steve Shanahan from Honored Occasions for keeping the evening rocking. . .always fun to work with Steve!

It was such a joy to share in Mark and Becky’s day and there are so many elements we cannot wait to share with them in their feature film, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peak. . . .