Collette and Scott live life to the fullest. They travel. They eat. They exercise…a lot. No matter where their travels take them, and they take them all over the world, these two are always smiling, always dancing, and always loving. They are as passionate about the photo albums they upload to Facebook as they are about their workout routines and the Paleo diet that comes with them. There is no doubt that they are loved, both by one another and by their families. Collette and Scott live life to the fullest.

We personally connected with a toast from Collette’s sister, Eve, for this trailer. She not only delivered an eloquent and well thought out message at the reception, but she applied a couple words of advice that we can all live by. Those words coupled with a very emotional first look between and father and his daughter and some stand-up paddle boarding for the guys and you have the makings of a trailer that could only be Collette and Scott’s story.

A very special shout out and thank you to Jeannie Savage of Details Details for introducing us to these two. Jeannie, your attention to the nitty gritties and passion for what you do is evident every time we have the joy of teaming up with you, so thank you for this opportunity! Also, a big fist pump for our newest photog friend, Victor Sizemore. Super talented cat from Kentucky and it was a blast to shoot along side you. Filmed on location at Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes.

Happy Endings. The Definition of an American Romantic Comedy. Brooke and Kory not only have the happy ending, but all the in-betweens of the American Romantic Comedy baked right into their story. Upon having our initial conversation with these two, we loved how open and brutally honest they are. You see, Brooke and Kory didn’t have the perfect fairytale romance even though they were technically high school sweethearts. Brooke and Kory did what most high school couples do and ventured their separate ways to grow on their own and experience life outside the confines of their high school relationship. If you ever ask Brooke how she refers to her breaks with Kory, she will affectionately inform you that she has split her chapters with Kory by the monikers of “Kory 1” and “Kory 2”. A blunt, yet endearing embrace of the truth of their relationship. We are firm believers that true love takes time to grow and sometimes that involves going your separate ways to be sure that what you have is real. In the case of Brooke and Kory, it most certainly is very real and we are honored to share a small portion of their story with you.

When looking for the way to put this trailer together, we were drawn to Father Jerry and his homily. Seeing that he has married several of the Hoertz family members, we felt as though his presence at the ceremony was more than just a priest presiding, but another family member giving his blessings to Brooke and Kory. Plus….if you follow us at all, you know we’re suckers for good stories and Father Jerry tells Brooke and Kory’s story perfectly during the ceremony.

A VERY special thank you and shout out to Katie Webb of Intertwined Weddings and Special Events for her help throughout the day. Katie never ceases to amaze us with her attention to detail and ability to pull off spectacular events. Filming at the one and only Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles was a great opportunity and Katie brought the reception to life with her design!

In the spirit of following the themes that our couples set on their wedding day, we found it only fitting that moving forward as they have officially started the next journey, we would call this trailer “Kory 3”. 🙂


We all know that every woman dreams of her wedding day from when she is a little girl. Images of her version of Prince Charming swirl through her mind to the point that when the time comes to plan the real deal, she knows exactly what she wants. When we met up with Brett and Ashley for dinner, Ashley knew exactly what she wanted…down to her dream venue, where we all had the joy of experiencing the big day.

As Ashley would have it, this day took place at the one and only Four Seasons, Santa Barbara…and as it was meant to be…just the way she described it to us over dinner, the guys would start off the day with a friendly round of croquet out on the lawn while the girls got ready and Ashley’s father doted over his fondest memories of his little girl who was now about to become Brett’s wife. It never tires to see a father look at his daughter in her wedding dress as if he is looking at her again for the first time. Dad was gushing from ear to ear all day and it was only fitting to see the day through his eyes and his toast for this trailer. Coupled with some very sentimental and touching vows from the newlyweds, we cannot wait to share the film with them in a few short weeks as there are some incredible story lines unique to the love affair that is…Brett and Ashley.

We were introduced to Caroline and Alex through one of our other couples you might remember, Stefan and Morgan. From our first get together at the studio, we were head over heels enthralled with Caroline and Alex. Seeing as Stefan and Morgan were two of the most gracious people we’ve ever meant, it should come as no surprise that Caroline and Alex are not only incredibly generous and loving, but welcoming and full of personality as well.

Both Caroline and Alex come from big families and we love having the opportunity to not only tell our couples’ stories, but feel like we are sharing something intimate and special for the people we are filming. As clichĂ© as it is, we feel our work is most effective when our couples open up to us, put down their guard and become part of our family. From our first meeting with Caroline and Alex, the fit was natural and we truly had the experience of filming our friends this weekend. There is no better experience than that. . .hands down. . . no better experience.

Set in Ojai at the famous Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, this film was created in a location special to Alex and now Caroline as well. As the guys went out for a round of golf in the morning, the girls spent the day getting ready and buzzing with excitement. There were many moving parts to this edit, specifically the golf outing as well as the structuring of the film to incorporate several storylines that are important to Caroline and Alex including their faith and the many friends and family who were in attendance. We are truly excited to share with you Caroline and Alex’s story as they saw it with over 300 guests at their reception last night.

A very special shout out and thank you to Danny Farrell from NYC DJ’s for all of his help in ensuring the SDE went off without a hitch. Thanks for your help Danny!

Well, it was one heck of a weekend with Mark and Kitty (Kritiya is her name, but Kitty is how we and most everyone else knows her). If you followed along through our Facebook page, you likely saw a lot of the Behind the Scenes that went into producing this edit. Some of the pictures can be found below as well.

Living in Boston, these two decided to bring out their closest family and friends to the beautiful Garden Isle of Kauai, HI. A far cry from the busy city streets, Kauai only has one main road, and let’s just say that the locals aren’t exactly speeding to get anywhere quickly. We could tell you why the island is so important to Mark and Kitty, but we’d rather they tell you themselves. For this Same Day Edit, we decided to cut in some interviews with Mark and Kitty that spoke more to their choice for the destination and how the island really is a big part of their story. Even more importantly, we felt that the interviews would open up the opportunity for Mark and Kitty to talk a little more about each other and why they truly are the perfect compliment to one another.

Sometimes, as filmmakers, we get lost in what we do and don’t take the chance to sit back and realize what we are actually creating for our couples. The feeling that we get sharing a story the night of a wedding is indescribable on paper, or even in this post. Mark and Kitty sent us a very sweet email the next morning and it really put our job into perspective. We are the creators of story, but even more importantly. . . we get tasked with the honor of preserving the story as we see it through our lenses. We are truly honored to have been a part of Mark and Kitty’s day and it is our absolute pleasure to present their Same Day Edit, as it was shown on Saturday Night.

A very special thank you to our good friend Caitlin Cathey from Caitlin Cathey Photography for jumping on board to assist us with this shoot and show off some of her filmmaking skills. Caitlin lives in Maui and hopped over the the garden isle to help us out.

The Rice Patty Fields up by Princeville

Grabbing some GoPro shots of the natural tree canopy on the south side outside of Poipu

Sunrise in Kapaa. Didn’t have the tripods unpacked just yet, so had to improvise. First shot in the final edit.