>The first love, everyone has one, but not often do you find it to be the same person you end up spending the rest of your life with.

As we arrived to this shoot, the first thing that caught my eye was the photo montage of these two. Pictures from over the years flooded the peg board and it was as if you could see how their relationship had blossomed with time.
Tyffani and Brad decided to incorporate their story into the ceremony, thus it was only fitting to incorporate it into their trailer as well. From living in 4 different states, to being engaged for two years, this day was a long time in the making. Not to mention the two suggested a song from The Cure, which throws a fun little spin into this clip.
Shot on location at Pacific Edge in Laguna Beach. A Special thanks Priscilla Granger from At Your Service Catering for her help with the shoot. Also, thank you to DJ Todd from E-Mobile Music for keeping the night rockin’!
And here is Tyffani + Brad, enjoy!
-Steve 🙂