Sometimes the best and most effective journey to a solution is to simply set aside how others have arrived there and start from scratch. There are tons of clichés that speak to this: “It’s about the journey, not the destination”, “It always happens when you least expect it”, “Patience is a virtue”. Regardless of the phrases, sometimes we have to sit back, set aside all the preconceptions and ways it has been done before and simply start from scratch. . . a theme that would carry deep into Tracy and Logan’s wedding day.

With the day held upon the grounds of the one and only SaddleRock Ranch in Malibu, Tracy and Logan’s ceremony and reception had all the details brought in along with the generator to power them. With the hills and rolling lawns as their canvas, these two custom tailored the day from the ground up. . . all from scratch. From the linens, to the quilted guest book, to the Paradise Cocktails (Vodka + Lemonade + Blueberries & Love as Tracy puts it). . . . everything was done from scratch. As you’ll see, every detail was accounted for down to the individual ice cube.

As the guys fumbled to find a way to get the bow tie on and the girls gathered anxiously to see the gift that Logan had delivered to his bride, the grounds were being set up and arranged for what was to be an epic day indeed. . . . full of love, heartfelt intentions, and all started from scratch.

**FRIENDLY WARNING** – For the younger audience, there is a little “groomsmen chatter” in this one that involves the accidental release of the “S” word. . . . so earmuff it around the 0:36 mark 🙂 Don’t say we didn’t tell ya’ so!