There are few times throughout the year where we get to give back and really see the power of telling a story and how that connects with so many people. While today’s post won’t necessarily relay how many others have connected (that post is coming VERY soon), The Pet Rescue Center of Orange County has given us the opportunity to tell a few unbelievable stories. While we are jaded by the narratives and truly feel passionate about each and every one of our projects, the true reach of a story is told by how many people outside our studio can connect with the message. For those who have experienced pet adoption first hand, we need not explain…..but, if you are considering pet adoption, then you MUST watch this film.

Doe’s story is incredible on it’s own. Once you add Cheryl into the mix, there is no denying that fate exists. We could write about this edit for hours, but as we typically do…..let the story be told the way it is always meant to be told….press play below…..and then go adopt your next pet.