We have to admit, we didn’t know a whole lot about the award-winning Swiss bike-maker, Stromer, until they reached out to us for a little last-minute help with a promotion in conjunction with the AMGEN Tour of California. The more we learned about Stromer, the more we realized just how legit these bikes are. It really is a whole new way to ride.

Stromer’s goal for the project was relatively straight-forward, albeit daunting: prove that their sleek model ST2 S — touted as having the biggest and most powerful e-bike battery on the market — was capable of riding the 106-mile Stage One Course on one battery charge. That’s no small feat considering the stage’s 6700 feet of elevation gain.

Filming two bikers traveling over 100 miles on a bike with a speed that consistently is traveling close to 25 miles per hour presents plenty of logistical challenges and we brought out all the stops to make it work. Steve clung to our stabilizer and camera as he dangled out of a car traveling 30 mph on a two-lane road; we flew the drone overhead to capture some cool visuals of the San Diego coast and awesome hilly terrain east of the city; and of course, there was the constant playing catchup with the bikers in order to run ahead and grab shots as they passed. Somehow, it all came together.

It made for a long day of filming but we couldn’t have been happier with the final product. The bike proved up to the test, riding the course on one charge with battery to spare, and Steve didn’t fall out of a window with an expensive camera and stabilizer (Steve obviously was our first concern). Now back to the editing bay for us, we’ll have some more fun stuff to share soon. Until next time, thanks for watching!