Twas’ a fall evening in the middle of twilight. The sun kissing the hillside and the dust particles dancing in the fresh light streaking through the high tree line (sound of soft violins whispering in the background). He came to us in a little white basket upon a river near the far village. Wrapped in white linen, his baby tears barely kissing the sides of his cheeks. We took him in as our own and and knew one day he would learn the way (stronger violins, no longer whispering, but speaking). Not the way to the market or the way to the bowling alley. No. A much deeper and longer path that involved struggle and passion (cue epic film music here). The way which most dare not travel. Where dragons and uber-beasts feast on the flesh of the weak. The way where the sun never is seen and darkness is a close friend. The way. . . . . . wait for it. . . . . . wait for it. . . . . of the . . . . . . CINE-WARRIOR (crescendo of epic film music, now calm and bring it back my violin friends).

Through his struggles of trial and tribulation, and billions and billions of hours filming and editing, he grew. From a cine-tadpole to a cine-lizard (violins getting louder). Further he scoured the land of composition and light, bearing his mistakes like weights upon his ankles. From cine-llama to cine-buffalo (louder violins, louder!). Through the valley of juxtaposition to the hills of storytelling. From cine-gorilla to cine-beast (louder violins, louder! Louder than you’ve ever been in your little violin lives!). And today, August 2nd, 2010, marks the end of his journey as a child baby cine-warrior to a full grown adult pure radness man cine-warrior (crash, crescendo, wow, emotion. . . and scene).

And what, you may ask, happens when this child baby cine-warrior reaches full grown adult pure radness man cine-warrior status???

We hire him full time. It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we welcome Ben full time to the crew and can’t wait for his vision, creativity, and excitement for what we do to play out into our work over and over again.

Did he really think he could just walk in here without us putting up a formal introduction??? Welcome to the team buddy. World, say hello to Ben.