When a relationship begins on the French Riviera with a first date in Cannes, where exactly do you go from there? Well, if you are Sarv + Kevin, the answer is simple. . . . all over the world!

Sarv + Kevin’s photo album looks like a travel brochure for all the places you would dream of visiting. Their passion for travel clearly overflows into their love for family, friends, and life. The first thing that became clear with Sarv after our first conversation via phone was her enthusiasm and infectious excitement not only for her wedding day, but just for the moment. Sarv is all about the moment and she didn’t hesitate to stop every few seconds in her beaming white gown, close her eyes, take in a fresh breath, and realize she was marrying the man who was meant for her all along.

Kevin is a Boston native, who had spent most of his professional career in the Big Apple before traveling across the country to San Francisco to be with Sarv. The two of them actually met in Las Vegas while supporting mutual friends who were taking part in a half marathon. Then, they became travel buddies on the way to a wedding in Sweden and somehow managed to plan a pre-wedding detour that ended up in the French Riviera. By the third date, they were in Monaco! We swear this is their story, we couldn’t write a story this good. . . . .

Back to Kevin. Aside from his love for spicy food and fly fishing, one thing that shows is how comfortable he is around Sarv. The entire day, these two were able to have conversations with one another just through a glance. You can tell when a couple is going to make it because there is an intangible. These two have that intangible.

With such a beautiful wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel and such an upbeat couple, we found it only fitting to keep the pacing of this trailer on the up and up. After all, there is no containing the excitement and enthusiasm that is Sarv + Kevin.

A HUGE thank you to Kerrie Underhill from Platinum Weddings by Kerrie for helping to make the day go off without a hitch. Also, a shout out to Vanessa from Apertura for being not only incredibly easy to work with, but for also helping to facilitate some fantastic imagery around the grounds.