One of the things we love most about Same Day Edits is that they don’t reveal their direction until the day of the wedding. Drafted from scratch each and every time, the Same Day Edit always allows us the opportunity to have fun with our couples in that we never know what they are going to look like until we get going. . . . and they never end up like we plan.

As we arrived in town early for this shoot, we met up with Rhonnie, Kimberly, and the rest of the bridal party as they began their plan to rehearse their grand entrance. So at 9pm the night before, the group got together for one last run-through of the grand entrance in the reception ballroom with a simple little speaker from the hotel room and a laptop. As we began filming the rehearsal, it became more and more apparent how large of a production this was going to be for their reception and we knew we had to make it a fun part of their Same Day Edit.

With that in mind, here it is, as shown to over 200 of their closest family and friends at the reception.

A very special thank you goes out to James Lee from All the Above Events for his assistance with making sure the presentation went off without a hitch at the wedding! Also, thank you to Mariemil and Paolo from Maolo Photography for being such great photographers to work with!