About a month ago, Jasmine Star of Jasmine Star Photography approached our studio to create a quick and snappy 90 second promo for her business. Jasmine Star is renowned for her teaching and live learning workshops that she holds with photographers all over the world and she is off to Seattle at the beginning of 2013 to do it again, only this time with three photographers IN-STUDIO and their businesses. The idea is to recharge, rejuvenate, and ultimately reSTARt their businesses for the new year while allowing other photographers to tune in live from all over the world and participate in the discussion as well.

Over the years, Jasmine Star has become a friend of our studio and we are thrilled and excited to share the promo with you. If you are in the photography world, we certainly encourage you to create a video and see if you end up in Seattle in 2013! You can view j*’s post on her blog with all the information and details by clicking HERE. Also, special credit is due to SHOW IT and THE FIX TOUR for the footage shown in this video of Jasmine Star at speaking events as our studio did not film those segments.