Every year, it seems like more and more old friends are getting married and there is nothing more enjoyable than to have the opportunity to film those weddings. My friendship with Mike dates back to the fraternity days where it began as simply a Warden/AM experience (Sorry, Pi Kappa Phi Reference). For the rest reading this, let’s just say that I was a “Pledge” and he was in charge of the “Pledges”. Enough said.

Of all the people I met along my path through fraternity, I do have to say that Mike is without a doubt one guy that I have always had the utmost respect for. Truly a stand-up individual with all the qualities of a great man, and I was humbled that he would ask us to film his wedding.

As several years have passed since the good ol’ days, Mike is still the same great guy and thus it is clear why he ended up with Christine. They are truly deserving of one another and it is clear they “dig” each other. I found this song by Incubus to be perfect for their trailer, as it is not only a song they chose, but one that is very reflective of relationships in general. . . . and to be honest, it’s just fun to edit to. 🙂