One question that naturally pops up with our couples when the conversation gets rolling is, “How did you guys meet one another?”. We can say with certainty that though we have met with hundreds of couples, this was the first time that the answer was, “Kindergarten”.

Obviously, there wasn’t a 20+ year courtship in the romantic sense, but the fact that these two weaved in and out of one another’s lives over the course of a lifetime and came back together speaks volumes for their relationship and the concept of a soulmate. The longer we do this and the more stories we share, the more often we find that when couples let fate take over, what is meant to be will be. Such a boring and tired cliché, but seriously….the strongest stories and relationships that we have seen are always forged through years and one hell of a journey. Phuong and Vu are no exception.

Icing on the cake for this story was the element of the Vietnamese culture that was infused into the morning festivities. From a Buddhist wedding ceremony to the door games that are always fun, this wedding had a little spice of everything…even hand written vows for the American ceremony in the afternoon. Oh, and huge shout out to the bridesmaids for locking down the Facetime connection so Phuong could see the madness that ensued in her driveway as Vu fought to see his bride 🙂