We LOVE Lauren and Paddy because they are willing to be themselves at all times, no matter the situation. So when Paddy decided to quote Homer’s Poem about Ithaca and Odysseus….EVERYONE including Lauren (watch her face BTW) groaned at the reception. . . and what we love is not the fact that everyone groaned, but the fact that Paddy just continued on with his toast as if the groans fell on deaf ears. We LOVE that. Moral of the story??? Be yourself, always….and people will respect you for that…even if you start reciting verses from books and poems we were all forced to read in high school. Paddy never missed a stride in his step and that says a lot about who he is as a man and the husband he will make for Lauren.

These two are always themselves and it shined through from preps to the party at the reception. As Paddy recited the poem about Ithaca, we saw so many correlations from their day and as you watch this, pay close attention as you’ll likely find plenty of symbolism between the shots that are inserted and what Paddy is saying. We attributed Ithaca to being like the wedding day originally, but as the wedding day draws closer, Ithaca becomes the love that Paddy and Lauren share. Ultimately, Ithaca transforms into a marriage and as time goes along, Ithaca will become a date that Lauren and Patrick set out for long into the future. That date is 2063. So often in life, we get caught up in the destination without pausing to reflect on how important the experiences we gain along the way truly become. For Lauren and Paddy, we are confident that they take those moments to pause and reflect and realize that their journey is just beginning. The wedding day is just the first step in the long road home to Ithaca.

Upon closing his toast to his new bride, Paddy made mention of their goal to get to 2063, 50 years of marriage. We have been privileged to film many weddings over the years and share in the biggest day of many couples’ lives. We can say without a doubt that Lauren and Paddy should have set their sights far beyond 2063 because if anyone is asking our opinion, their marriage has 50 years, and then some written all over it.

A very special thank you to Jeannie Savage from Details Details for introducing us to Lauren and Patrick. Always great to work with the wonderful ladies of the Details Details team! Also a big shout out to Caroline Tran, our newest photographer friend! Pleasure to shoot along side you, Caroline!