Serendipity. That’s the word Laura likes to use when she describes her chance meeting with Ross at a bar in Dallas three years ago.

She’s right, after all. What ARE the odds that Laura and her friend should stop at a random bar while visiting family — some 1,100 miles away from her own home —and happen to meet the love of her life? At the time, Ross was actually on a second date with a fellow dental student. He overheard Laura and her friend chatting with the bartender about dental school. Laura was two years into dental school herself and looking to find a residency program so she took the opportunity to gain insight from her new acquaintances. Ross — ever the gentleman — offered to show her around his own dental residency program (he was at Baylor University) and she was pretty quickly taken by his gracious charm and humor. The rest is, well, you see where this is going.

After hanging out a few times, the pair began talking frequently and eventually started dating long distance. For a year and a half Laura — at the University of Michigan — and Ross (who was still at Baylor) made their relationship work through phone calls, skypes, weekend trips and holiday visits until they both graduated and moved to Houston together. They still live there now — Laura is finishing her residency and Ross has a dental practice. They’re one of those couples with a story that almost seems part fairy tale and it’s no small thanks to a little chance and serendipity that it all began in that bar in Dallas. We loved being a part of the day that brought the whole story together, and had more than a few laughs with this goofy couple.

This is our final trailer of 2015 and we couldn’t think of a better one to end on. From all of us at Threaded Films, have a happy holidays. We look forward to lots of fun projects to share in the new year.


Steve, Ben and Matt