She found him in Italy. He didn’t speak English.

He moved to California and stayed with her Grandpa. . . to learn English. . . or so he said.

The rest as they say, is why we were given the incredible opportunity to put together a fun and uplifting Same Day Edit for their wedding day this past Saturday up in Los Gatos at theĀ beautifulĀ and serene Nestldown Estate. Filled with a multitude of threads, this day provided so many fun story lines that we had the chance to follow, including the sweet tooth that both Leo and Jessica now share.

As Leo is from Italy, it is customary to have sweets for breakfast, thus the opening sequence that you’ll see as we open up their story at the local bakery where Jessica and Leo have become a fixture on the weekends. As the guys enjoyed their Napoleons in the morning, Jessica and Leo wrote their notes to one another to be exchanged at the first look.

Tying this entire SDE film together is Jessica’s Grandpa, who as it turns out, was the first one to spot the love that was in its infancy at the time of Leo’s arrival to the states. Having Grandpa preside over the ceremony was symbolic in so many ways, not least of which was his first hand account of how it all began. Thus, sit back and enjoy the international story that belongs to Leo and Jessica as it was shown this past Saturday evening at their wedding reception. . .