Jennefer and Michael’s big day was circled on our calendar for over a year. After months of Skype conversations, an in person get together when they came out the to west coast, and some frantic phone calls the week before the wedding due to a serious storm coming through, the wedding day did not disappoint. But, what you need to know is that this venue came to fruition 3 days before the wedding and almost 100 miles away from where it was originally set to take place.

For months, the plan was to have this day in an open park, minutes from where Jennefer and Michael live. Flooded with details unique to only these two, Jennefer and Michael set out (in perhaps their most unique and ambitious idea of all) to have one table for the entire reception. One, very long table open and airy in the middle of a park. So grand in nature, but so simple when you think about it. Friends, family, bride and groom, sharing a meal all at one table. We were SOOOO excited about the concept and couldn’t wait to film it. Ideas ran through our head about framing, storylines, shot structure. . . and then, the rain came. At first, it may have been upsetting, but we are firm believers that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. . .even in Texas.

It speaks volumes about who people are when they are placed under pressure in the tightest of situations and how they react to that stress. To have your wedding venue CHANGED within days of the wedding is perhaps one of the most stressful situations we could ever imagine, yet these two took it in stride and landed one of the most unique, charming, and incredible venues we have ever had the privilege to film at. Not to mention that upon our arrival, Jennefer and Michael were ear to ear smiles jubilant with excitement and oblivious to any weather situation. This was to be the best day of their lives and we all knew and embraced it.

Nestled in the back roads outside of Dallas lies Thistle Springs Ranch, a wonderful gem of a location that couldn’t have been more fitting for Jennefer and Michael’s day if they tried. During their first look, which took place under a covered gazebo, as the wind and rain came pounding down outside, Jennefer and Michael looked around and shared a couple words, which spoke volumes about their relationship and could be a lesson to us all. Jennefer looked at Michael and said, “It’s not what I imagined. . .it’s better”. Sometimes life is going to have a plan for you and you will have to adapt and accept it. . . and if you can work through that plan with a smile on your face, and your soulmate beside you. . . life will be good. . .very good, indeed. Deer feeder and all.