Jackson Hole, Wyoming is my refuge.  It is where I go to visit family and friends at least once a year.  My winters are filled with snowboarding and snowball fights underneath the high rising Grand Tetons.  But, during the summer, I spend most of my time on the Snake River.

The Snake River

For me the beauty of it is this; ever since I caught my first Rainbow, I was a dreamer. Fly-fishing is an activity that calms the soul.  It is what I do to slow down and experience every moment.  To wade into the surging river, underneath the shadows of the Tetons, in search for an adversary that is elegant, powerful, and cunning can only truly be experienced.  So of course I wanted to try and show, rather than tell, my “Californian” friends of such beauty.

Sunset on the Teton Range

I woke up with the intent to go fishing in the morning before the temperature of the river was too warm and the trout had stopped feeding.  I usually fish with the 8ft bamboo rod my grandfather brought back from Vietnam; but today was different.  I chose the fishing rod that my brother had given to me as a present last trip.  With a little help from the family dog, Mac, I assembled my fly rod and went to Schwabacher’s Landing.  It was a gorgeous day, all the animals were out feeding and it only made me think about the strikes that the unassuming fish would have on my Prince Nymph fly.  As I set up the camera and tripod to capture how serene and peaceful the day was, I became enveloped in the moment, as I stood there alone in what I can only describe as, “the most beautiful place on earth.” – Ben

A self-portrait as shared by Benjamin Brackin. All filmed by Ben with a tripod and his camera.

“The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming; thus it is with time.” – Leonardo DaVinci