We recently had the opportunity to partake in a crazy party thrown by Herbalife International for some of their premier distributors. The theme was 20’s soirée and we were asked to create an edit that captured the evening, the people, and the energy that was overflowing in every room. Taking advantage of a fantastic light setup, we got to filming and created this edit to be shown the next morning for a presentation.

A very special thanks to Alexandra Rembac-Goldberg from Sterling Engagements for bringing us aboard the team to film the party! We truly had a great time and enjoyed being afforded the opportunity to run with this fast paced project. Below are a couple stills that we captured throughout the evening just accentuating the use of color to create mood.

A shot of the main room where the 15 piece band rocked away 20’s style

View from the stage

15 custom Herbalife ice sculptures were brought in to brand the party and set the mood

A shot of the war room where the edit went down