So, this one was fun. . . really, really fun.

Erin and Greg are almost as excited as I am to debut their save the date video to all their coveted guests, and here it is!

When we first started brainstorming, it became clear that it was going to have to be a beach shoot. Then the argument was Dana Poing (Greg) vs. San Clemente (Erin). Seeing as the two grew up in the respective towns, they have their biases, but honestly, combining a shoot at both Salt Creek Beach and the pier in San Clemente proved to be not only a great idea, but a fantastic compliment to one another, just like the bride and groom to be 🙂

Erin and Greg are so easy to work with and willing to do any shot, which made for some killer footage. A couple very important points to note:

1.) I have no idea what a nerd-bomber is, but perhaps Erin can explain that in the next video

2.) Don’t ever trust me with sunglasses as all I can say is “AMEN FOR LOW TIDE!!!” As I went to grab a blanket for the two lovebirds, I knocked Greg’s shades right over the side of the pier, and if it weren’t for a very low tide, those glasses would still be swimming with the fishes.

Having established those two points, I truly hope you enjoy.

Erin and Greg are going to send out a copy of this on DVD to all of their guests as their Save-the-Date card. Truly a unique way to not only get the message out to your guests, but also to get them excited about your big day! Weddings by SML now offers Save the Date Videos for all of our Clients. Simply give us a call or shoot us an email to find out how we can get started on yours!