Erin and Quint have known each other just about as long as they’ve been alive. They grew up as friends in nearby Hermosa Beach and as they grew up, so did their relationship. They formed around them a strong — not to mention hilarious — group of friends, family and supporters.

Erin and Quint started dating on August 22, 2003; they were 16 at the time. Their wedding day marked their 12-year anniversary, a day they decided to spend with the close friends that have watched as their relationship blossomed from friends to husband and wife. For Quint, an avid golfer, it was a morning on the The Links at Terranea — with a few beers involved along the way. And Erin spent the morning relaxing and getting ready in the villa with her close friends and Pi Phi sisters.

It was a moving and really, really fun day with both couples and their posses. There were emotional moments throughout the day, but all that paled in comparison to when Quint and Erin read each other their personalized vows.

“I promise i will age gracefully, a race it appears I’m already losing to you at the age of 28,” joked Quint. “Erin you’re my best friend, my lifelong partner, my cooking companion, my travel buddy, my other half and its very hard to imagine life without you. when I sit down and think about it, spending forever with you just doesn’t seem like it’s going to be long enough.”

It was pretty clear, they both poured some serious soul in there; there were jokes, laughs and pretty much everybody cried at some point.

“I promise to ride with you in your golf cart wherever you want to go,” Erin told Quint minutes later. “At 16 a girl dreams of marrying her first love. Today you have made that day my reality.”

It’s moments like that that make what we do all the more worth it. And when the backdrop for such an occasion is the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Special thanks to Erin and Quint for sharing their day with us and hats off to our friend Jeannie Savage and her team at Details, Details for planning yet another beautiful day, Nisie’s Enchanted Florists for the gorgeous floral arrangements and of course the Cuban Cigar Factory for the incredible hand-rolled cigar station in the evening (you know we had to indulge). We’d be remiss if we didn’t extend a shoutout to Gabriel and Carlie of Gabriel Ryan photography, as always, a pleasure working alongside friends.