What we love most about Elijah and Diana is that they are passionate. Passionate about their careers, passionate about the details and timing of their wedding, passionate when they tell jokes, passionate about theĀ  family surrounding them, and passionate about one another. So passionate in fact, that they struggled endlessly to keep it together during their vows, but let’s be honest. . . . that’s what it’s all about, right?

There is a lot that can be learned about people simply by the way that they act, the things that they do, and the company they keep. Originally from Hawaii, Elijah is as laid back a guy as you’ll find. Thus, it came as no surprise to us that the guys surrounding him as he got ready were warm, friendly and just as excited as Elijah for the wedding. Diana made a point to wear a ring that originally belonged to her Grandfather bearing the family crest; A distinctive choice that speaks volumes to her love of family and those closest to her.

It wasn’t long into our initial conversation with these two that we learned Diana is the planner (she kept us up to the minute on her timelines and “Run-of-Show” schedules as she likes to call them). While this day was scheduled to the second, there was still time for this couple to dote in the reality that they were about to get married. Elijah took the extra time to go for the old fashioned shave, which clearly he enjoyed and as Diana got ready, we learned that these two joke that “Hearts were coming out of their eyes” when they met each other for the first time. If only we could have been there to witness that moment because if it was anything like the look on Elijah’s face as he saw Diana come down the aisle for the first time during the ceremony. . . . it would have been a sight to see for sure.

These two can be summed up in two simple words, that coincidentally can also be found engraved inside of Elijah’s wedding band. Better Together.