When we are a little child and all we know is the comfort of a bedtime story or the sand in the park around the corner from our backyard, we learn to ask a simple question for all of life’s mysteries. . . . “Why?”

Oh yes, the ever annoying questioning of the smallest minute insignificant things from a parent’s perspective, but for the child, the question is so incredibly justified. Seasons pass and as we grow and begin to figure out things on our own, we gain so much through our own problem solving skills and deductive reasoning, but we find ourselves asking such an important question less and less often. . . . “Why?”

As a creative studio,  we make an attempt to ask the question, “Why” every time we film a scene, compose a shot, choose our lighting or color tone. Shot selection in all of our edits is always done with purpose and intent and as we tinker with scenes and fine tune each piece, we are still asking “Why” and making sure it can be answered.

And when two people decide to formally and legally join themselves in one of the greatest covenants that life has to offer, unfortunately there can be so many answers to that question because life gets complicated.

For Edward + Ashlee, their lives are complicated, just like everyone else. There are commitments and obligations and all of the complications that we all experience, but fortunately for them, none of those things were the answer to the simple question, “Why?”

. . . . For Ashlee, the answer to the question is multi-faceted, but the root to the answer revealed itself on her face as she sat and wrote her card to him and again as she approached Eddie for the first time on their wedding day. For Eddie, the “Why” was quite simple, as it should be. Perhaps the title to the post will clue you in on his reason, as so beautifully explained by the Best Man in the trailer.

A RAD shout-out to Nick Radford from Nick Radford Photography. With a last name like that, how could he not be awesome??? Seriously though, great guy and working with him was a pleasure. Special thank you as well to Nikki Page from Elegant Weddings as well as Michael Palacios from Progressive Sound Productions for their assistance throughout the day!