Everyone has their “thing”. That “thing” that everyone else knows about you and associates with you. Derek’s “thing” is the ocean and more specifically, surfing.

The best part about finding the right partner in life is that they become just that, a partner. Someone who doesn’t hold you back, but bolsters you when you need it and loves you for all of your traits and the “things” that you are known for. Michelle knows that while she is Derek’s true love, surfing is his first love . . . so with that in mind she went and secretly had a custom surfboard made by Derek’s longtime shaper as a wedding gift for her husband-to-be. As Michelle gave Derek the board the night before the wedding, there was no question that Derek, along with his lifelong friend and best man, Adam, would take the gift out for a session at their longtime spot along the River Jetties first thing the morning of the big day.

Just as they always have, year after year since they were kids. . . same spot, same time, new board. . . compliments of Michelle.