The rolling hills, gentle breezes and sloping lines of vineyards that envelop Temecula create a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, but all of that grandeur took a backseat to the intricacies that made Danielle and Sammer’s wedding on June 13 so special.

They’re a couple who is all about the details: the flowers, little cards and notes, homemade desserts, customized rose gold and Damascus steel (lined with rose gold) rings, ceremonial sand from their respective cultures  — every little aspect of the wedding was layered in symbolism unique to the couple. That’s one of the reasons we couldn’t wait to sift through all the footage from their day; there were so many stories and laughs shared that the hardest part was just picking which ones to show.

Danielle and Sammer truly are perfect for each other, right down to the last detail on their rose gold wedding rings. We know our friends have a wonderful life ahead of them after a day that they (and we) will certainly never forget. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of June 13; we’re hard at work on the full feature and we can’t wait to share it with you soon.