When we show up to tell a couple’s story, we always have a running game amongst our team. The game is called, “guess the maid of honor”. The reason for the game is quite simple. . . . often times it tends to be the poor woman in the room who is either in a nervous panic as she is writing down last minute notes or simply pacing back and forth in a quiet hallway practicing and mumbling to herself. To all the maid of honors out there, our hearts go out to you for your dedication to delivering that once in a lifetime message. The one time that you have an opportunity to gush over your best friend to her new husband and hundreds of people that matter the most to them. . . . . no pressure, right???

Well, if there was any pressure on Chris and Diana’s wedding day, Valerie didn’t show it a bit. Cool. Calm. Collected. She delivered her toast not only with sincerity and sisterly jabs. . . . but, in both a practical and memorable way that we had to share with you. So enjoy as Valerie gives Chris some poetic advice moving forward in his journey with Diana.

A HUGE shout out to Chelsea Navran of Details Details Weddings and Events for all of her help with the big day! We say this all the time. . . . a solid event planner makes everything run way better and Chelsea is a true pro! Also a special thanks to our friend Peter Papadopoulos from Vive, Inc. for keeping the party going and helping us out with reception audio.