It all began at Wagsdale Dog Park. Every day, people take their beloved four legged children to the dog park to let them get their energy out. Sniff, smell, pee, poop (yes, if you list them, you have to list them all), and begin the process all over again. Little did Bill and Gen know that a chance meeting one day at a dog park would ultimately blossom into many more intentional meetings at the dog park down the road.

Soon, the intentions behind the trips to Wagsdale changed entirely and what was once a chore of simple necessity had grown into an act of anxious anticipation. What is even a bit more interesting about this story is that I used to take my own dog to this dog park and I recall seeing these two (Bill and Gen) there in the beginning of their courtship. As I wasn’t nearly as consistent of a visitor to the park, I would stumble back in with Bailey (my boxer) a couple months later. . . . and it was very clear that something was going on between these two that wasn’t there before. So when they contacted the studio from a completely unrelated referral, it was crazy to see that my intuitions were correct and this relationship truly had blossomed from the dog park!

While we had this one circled on the calendar from the beginning of the year, the shoot itself was even better than we anticipated. As the girls got ready, Bill took to the same routine that he and Gen partake in EVERY day. . . . literally. We felt it was important to incorporate their daily routine (even on the wedding day) with their beloved Boxer, Rocko, into their trailer. He, as well as Soco (Bill’s Chocolate Lab who sadly passed a few years ago) played the role of matchmakers in this great love story and they are just as crucial to Bill and Gen’s tale as any other part of the day.