If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good story.  That’s what makes a day like Cayla and Chad’s so incredibly special for us, and we couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of it.

Pelican Hill is truly one of those slices of paradise in Orange County. Perched some 300 feet above Newport Beach on a 500-acre mediterranean-inspired landscape beset with century-old olive trees, the resort offers sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and California coastline.  It was to this gorgeous resort that Chad invited then-girlfriend Cayla to a weekend getaway in December 2013.  He’d arranged the weekend stay at the villa, limousine rides, candlelit dinners — all the romantic necessities were in place.  Way to go Chad.  Cayla had a feeling the question was coming that weekend — Chad had asked for her ring size several weeks before— but still admits the moment caught her by surprise.

The pair were standing beneath the arching rotunda — Cayla snapping photos of the sunset over Catalina— when Chad asked Cayla to turn around for a moment. There he knelt on one knee, ring outstretched.  The photographer he’d hired to hide in the bushes crouched nearby, not-so-subtly capturing the surprise and beauty of the moment (again, way to go Chad).  Cayla, after overcoming the initial shock, of course said yes.  So nervous and excited were the couple-to-be that evening that neither of the self-proclaimed foodies were able to eat.  That says something.

That incredible evening, setting and really the entire weekend were all so fittingly perfect of the fun and loving couple that Chad and Cayla are.  That’s why we were thrilled to find that 18 months later, Chad and Cayla decided to return to the same spot to begin their life together as Mr. and Mrs. Kurthy.

As the day approached, there was growing concern that the intermittent showers passing through Southern California would put a damper on an otherwise beautiful day.  Downpours ensued the night before.  Umbrellas were ordered as a backup plan.  The day arrived with clouds and intermittent morning showers.  But the clouds cleared and the sun shone through as Cayla and Chad said their vows beneath the very same rotunda Chad had proposed at a year and a half ago.

We’d like to echo the remark so eloquently put by the officiant during the ceremony:

“They started this journey in December 2013 and its a great thrill to share this special moment with them at the very place where this journey began.”