When SAVI STYLE approached us to say they wanted Threaded Films to be a part of their brand launch, we had the same question that I’m sure many of you have right now. Savi who?

Terry Leon launched SAVI STYLE this fall with the flagship product of SAVI SLEEK, a hair tie accessory that makes a pretty common nuisance – the less-than-glamorous hair tie around the wrist — into an actual fashion item. It’s sleek, looks cool, and you can wear it pretty much anywhere. Not a bad idea, right? We were actually pretty excited to be a part of it.

SAVI STYLE had some big dreams for turning around a kickstarter video on short notice and we’re proud to say we’ve now made it a reality. Turning around such a polished piece with so many moving parts wasn’t exactly a walk in the park — we shot all the scenes for their kickstarter film in one day, at four different locations, no small feat. Thanks to Carl and Terry’s meticulous organization and a lot of pre-production planning in the studio, we’re thrilled to say we were able to pull it off without a hitch. Take a stroll on over to SAVI STYLE’S kickstarter page and support SAVI SLEEK before every millennial in the country has one around their wrist (it’s only a matter of time!).