Servicemen and servicewomen in the military sacrifice. They put their lives on the line for our freedom. They put their country before themselves, and in the case of Andrea and Ben, they sacrifice the ability to live in the same city due to their service in their respective branches. Andrea is in the Air Force and Ben is in the Marines. When we first met up with Andrea, Ben was deployed overseas and she told us their incredible story. The fact that they have maintained their commitment to one another while being separated, often by thousands of miles, for months at a time.

Love doesn’t know distances. Love doesn’t discriminate between Skype dates and candlelight dinners. Love only knows love, and Andrea and Ben love one another. Their professions take them to opposite ends of the world at times, in very different situations, performing very different duties. In their professional lives, Andrea and Ben couldn’t be more different from one another. Two very different people, but as the card Ben gave to Andrea so perfectly articulated, they are two different people, with one perfect love.

A VERY special thank you to Kelly Aull from Mint Weddings for introducing us to Andrea and Ben. We LOVE you and the fact that you put your faith in our studio to document one of the biggest days in your couples’ lives! Also, a shout out to our new photographer friend, Boyd Harris, for being such a blast to work with!