Lina and Jeff’s story starts way back in 8th grade. If you think about it, these two really do have their parents to thank because as fate (or alphabetical order) would have it, they sat right beside one another on their first day of school in homeroom that year. While a friendship blossomed, the relationship took root years down the road after high school and college had long passed. As they always stayed in contact, they decided one day that perhaps there was more to this friendship than they thought. . . .

We can’t begin to tell you how many relationships we see forged out of what began as a simple friendship many years earlier. Strong relationships are often founded on even stronger friendships and Lina and Jeff are a testament to that.

They love Disneyland, Music, and and their four-legged child that you are soon to meet, as he became a fun thread in Lina and Jeff’s trailer. So excited to share their story with you now.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the fun and unique opportunity to film a contest hosted by Green Wedding Shoes and Scratch Weddings at the Scratch DJ Academy. They invited in nearly 40 couples to participate in a “Scratch Off”, whereby one lucky couple would win a Scratch DJ for their own wedding reception!

We would be lying if we didn’t inform you that we are ready to take on a new career after seeing how much fun “scratching” is. . . . . not that we aren’t already cool enough. . . . but, seriously. . . . . this looks like a lot of fun!

Check it out.

If you follow the Fray, you know we were up in beautiful Wyoming this past October. While you saw some photographs and footage of Yellowstone National Park, you didn’t see the reason we were up there in the first place, until now.

The Spence Law Firm is an internationally recognized team of lawyers that specialize in fighting for the individual. We were commissioned to tell the story of the firm, it’s partners, and the philosophy that is uniformly embraced and practiced within their walls. That edit is coming soon, so hang tight. . . .

You see, our trip was a two-fold mission. In addition to sharing the story of the firm, the partners asked us to also focus on the man who started it all. . . . Gerry Spence. Perhaps one of the most recognizable faces among his peers and anyone familiar with trial law, Gerry has spent the better half of a century fighting for others and sharing his unique view of the world with trial lawyers everywhere. . . . and seeing that he has NEVER lost a criminal case and has an undefeated civil case record from 1969 to 2010, trial lawyers are “all ears” when he speaks about his philosophy and approach to trial litigation.

While we have shared so many stories and spoken and listened to so many people, this one is different. This one is special. There is something about Gerry Spence that draws you in when he speaks. His outlook on society is certainly unique and the method in which he approaches the jury forced us to sit back and think about how we approach our clients and couples alike. Perhaps it also sparks a question about how we treat one another in general. It was only 2 hours on a chilly October day in the back country of Wyoming at Gerry’s home, but for us it was certainly a memorable experience. It was an honor to sit and listen to his perspective. It is an even greater honor to share his story with you.


What will be will be. Time will tell. As fate would have it. Clichés? Of course. Yet, there is a reason why we hear them all the time.

This story is one of time, two very good friends, and perhaps a relationship, whose fate was sealed, long before they ever knew it. Evan and Lauren, as you will see in their Same Day Edit, have been the best of friends for over a decade. As they followed separate paths and relationships came and went, they finally realized that what they were looking for was right in front of them. We know, it’s the stuff movies are made of, over and over again. But, art imitates life and everyone can relate to this story.

Narrated by a heart-felt and carefully crafted toast, this Same Day Edit is truly all about Evan and Lauren’s story. We constantly find ourselves striving to keep our edits relevant to our couples and we have to say that this one is all about Evan and Lauren.

As seen last night at their wedding reception, Evan and Lauren // As Fate Would Have It, An SDE:

A shout-out to our new friend Nicole Angelo from Nicole Angelo Photography. It was so great to meet you and work together seamlessly yesterday! This edit was filmed on location in and around San Diego including Balboa Park, downtown at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, and at the one and only Founder’s Chapel at University of San Diego, Lauren’s Alma Mater.

Coronado Island + President Obama in town on the Island + Stunning Bride + Groom + Friends and Family + Sassy Flower Girl +Will Farrell reference + Beach Ceremony = Lesley and Jason’s story. Check it out. . . .

Special shout out to our good ol’ pals Tony and Marion from Elegant Photography. It’s been a couple moons since our paths have crossed, but it was all smiles working with you again!

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