For many of us, our pets are the world. Those with children may beg to differ, but there truly is nothing like the unconditional love that our four legged friends (and many other legs. . . or perhaps no legs at all depending on your tastes) can provide to us. So it goes without saying that when they become sick or have a medical emergency, it can become a situation that tests the limits of our being. Our pets are our family, as they should be. We want the best for them and finding the right veterinarian is just one of the steps to ensuring their overall well-being.

When we were approached by our veterinarian to create a bio film for their practice we jumped at the opportunity. Having seen firsthand the magic of the Alicia Pet Care Center and everything that they do for their clients, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to tell their story. The approach to this film is simple. . . .serve the story and convey the sense of family that this practice instills into their team, which ultimately exudes out of their pores and into the animals and the people who encounter the Alicia Pet Care Center.

There is no doubt that every animal at this practice is cared for and it goes without saying that we were this close to taking a couple of the furry friends you’ll see in the edit home with us. All the animals in this piece are available for adoption and eagerly awaiting homes. Bailey. . . . you almost had a couple siblings to contend with.

It is with humility and true appreciation for a business that blurs the lines between service, family, and true passion for what they do. . . . that we share with you the story of the Alicia Pet Care Center. Also, if after watching what you see, you feel inclined to help. . . . please visit the philanthropic arm of their organization, The Pet Rescue Center, where you can seriously make a difference and help some animals in need.



Jackson Hole, Wyoming is my refuge.  It is where I go to visit family and friends at least once a year.  My winters are filled with snowboarding and snowball fights underneath the high rising Grand Tetons.  But, during the summer, I spend most of my time on the Snake River.

The Snake River

For me the beauty of it is this; ever since I caught my first Rainbow, I was a dreamer. Fly-fishing is an activity that calms the soul.  It is what I do to slow down and experience every moment.  To wade into the surging river, underneath the shadows of the Tetons, in search for an adversary that is elegant, powerful, and cunning can only truly be experienced.  So of course I wanted to try and show, rather than tell, my “Californian” friends of such beauty.

Sunset on the Teton Range

I woke up with the intent to go fishing in the morning before the temperature of the river was too warm and the trout had stopped feeding.  I usually fish with the 8ft bamboo rod my grandfather brought back from Vietnam; but today was different.  I chose the fishing rod that my brother had given to me as a present last trip.  With a little help from the family dog, Mac, I assembled my fly rod and went to Schwabacher’s Landing.  It was a gorgeous day, all the animals were out feeding and it only made me think about the strikes that the unassuming fish would have on my Prince Nymph fly.  As I set up the camera and tripod to capture how serene and peaceful the day was, I became enveloped in the moment, as I stood there alone in what I can only describe as, “the most beautiful place on earth.” – Ben

A self-portrait as shared by Benjamin Brackin. All filmed by Ben with a tripod and his camera.

“The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming; thus it is with time.” – Leonardo DaVinci

They say that sometimes the best stories are those that are non-fiction. . . Michael and Wendy’s story is easily one of the best we’ve had the joy of telling.

Imagine texting, chatting, skyping and talking to someone. . . . someone you know could be the one. . . . for TWO YEARS before you ever actually see them in person. How incredible would it be at that first in-person meeting? What emotions and anticipations would you experience? Would you battle the 6000 mile gap that separated the two of you for multiple years knowing that one day it would all work out and be worth the wait?

It’s seriously a story taken straight out of a movie, only this story is real. The wedding day at the one and only Nixon Library in Yorba Linda was spectacular and filled with beautiful and immaculate details, but we (as you are well aware if you follow our work) are suckers for stories and keeping all of our films relevant to our couples. . .and as the Rabbi presided over the afternoon ceremony, the story of Michael and Wendy unfolded in a manner that spoke to us as the backbone for this trailer. Come see for yourself.

A very special THANK YOU to our good friend, Ashley Powell, from Agape Planning. Always a pleasure to be included in your events as they go off without a hitch and the planning and execution is always spot on.

In this installment of the player series vignettes for Mission Bauer Hockey, we take a look at veteran Aaron Moss. Coming off the last vignette with Taylor Kane, this edit focuses in on a player whose approach and style of play has changed over the years as he has transitioned into a leader on the team.

Sometimes the best and most effective journey to a solution is to simply set aside how others have arrived there and start from scratch. There are tons of clichés that speak to this: “It’s about the journey, not the destination”, “It always happens when you least expect it”, “Patience is a virtue”. Regardless of the phrases, sometimes we have to sit back, set aside all the preconceptions and ways it has been done before and simply start from scratch. . . a theme that would carry deep into Tracy and Logan’s wedding day.

With the day held upon the grounds of the one and only SaddleRock Ranch in Malibu, Tracy and Logan’s ceremony and reception had all the details brought in along with the generator to power them. With the hills and rolling lawns as their canvas, these two custom tailored the day from the ground up. . . all from scratch. From the linens, to the quilted guest book, to the Paradise Cocktails (Vodka + Lemonade + Blueberries & Love as Tracy puts it). . . . everything was done from scratch. As you’ll see, every detail was accounted for down to the individual ice cube.

As the guys fumbled to find a way to get the bow tie on and the girls gathered anxiously to see the gift that Logan had delivered to his bride, the grounds were being set up and arranged for what was to be an epic day indeed. . . . full of love, heartfelt intentions, and all started from scratch.

**FRIENDLY WARNING** – For the younger audience, there is a little “groomsmen chatter” in this one that involves the accidental release of the “S” word. . . . so earmuff it around the 0:36 mark 🙂 Don’t say we didn’t tell ya’ so!

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