The Project that has been kept under wraps for months. . . . . . is slowly brewin’ to the surface. . . . . . and while we can’t show you just yet, we have to build some anticipation, right????

Weddings by SML is undergoing a major change, and in a good way. Same crazy crew and same focus. . . .

But a new name, a consolidated direction, and a lot of cool changes in store just around the corner.

Stay tuned. . . . . .

Having met a little over 8 years ago at a college back east called Dartmouth, Chris + Meredith began a journey that has now committed itself to a lifelong adventure together. . . .

As we had our final meeting with this wonderful couple, they mentioned the idea of writing letters to one another and exchanging them before their first glance. Being that we are suckers for emotion, we suggested the option of reading the letters at the first glance, but before they actually saw one another. The opportunity to build up the suspense as they stood back to back and took in each other’s words from the heart was something we had to take advantage of.

Set against the beautiful mountain backdrop of Palm Springs, this wedding boasted not only a beautiful venue and a breathtaking locale, but a fantastic pair of families now joined through the love and connection that is Chris + Meredith.

A Very Special shout out and thank you to Vanessa Preziose of Vanessa Preziose Photography for rockin’ it and allowing us to share the shoot alongside her all day.

The Power of Prayer. Often times unnoticed, overlooked, underestimated. . . forgotten. With a day filled with overwhelming emotion, strict schedules, and full blown chaos at times, Katey found time to pause for prayer. Katey + Bryan are spiritual in all aspects of their lives, and it was stressed that this was going to be a large part of their day, so we were prepared.

With this trailer, we wanted to take a unique approach simply because we found certain elements in Katey + Bryan’s day to exemplify who they are and what they stand for. Most times in our trailers, you will see many aspects of the day. . . from preps to the reception, we show a variety of scenes involving countless stories. However for Katey + Bryan, we focused on 3 specific scenes that told a very important part of their story, as these three scenes were defining points in their day.

First we begin with Katey, her Mother and Aunt, and her Cousin, Kacey. As the afternoon began and the nervous tension began to grow, they huddled into a tight circle to pray for the ceremony and the remainder of the day. This single event showed not only how tight knit this family is, but also their dedication to their faith and unyielding devotion to the sanctity of the day at hand and the vows that Katey + Bryan were about to take.

We transition to Bryan as he sits in his hotel room hand writing out his vows to Katey. Bryan is “genuine” as described by Katey and it is most evident as he meticulously wrote down every word that he would later recite to Katey in front of all of their family and friends. Patiently, word by word, he worked his pen over the textured paper (which he also used to hand write out various notes on the gifts he gave to Katey) knowing that the meaning behind the words he was writing were nothing less. . . . than genuine.

And finally, we arrive at the exchanging of the vows on the altar. While this moment is often important and defining in most couple’s days, we found it to be even more so with Katey + Bryan. Katey had told us how nervous she was for this moment when we met prior to their wedding (as she almost cried just thinking about it) because Katey + Bryan were hand writing their vows to one another. We knew that the vows would be difficult to get through and we focused on this scene as the third segment for this trailer because it shows not only how passionate Katey + Bryan are for one another (as they both fought back tears to get through the vows), but that they know they can’t always get through the toughest of moments on their own. Sometimes it takes the love of family and friends. . . and in some instances. . . the power of prayer.

There are so many other layers to Katey + Bryan that we cannot wait to share with them in their feature film, but in the meantime check out their trailer!

A very special thank you to Eric Morales from Extreme DJ Services for his help at the wedding reception!

And here is Katey + Bryan // A Circle of Prayers:


>Our Approach

I could spend hours writing a novel on the thought process that goes into our films and how we approach the wedding day. . . . but why not just show you. We are so thrilled that we finally had an opportunity to reflect on everything and bring this to life. Hope you enjoy 🙂

As another great year is beginning to unfold, we are gearing up for some amazing stories that we cannot wait to share with you! In the meantime, we have been continuing to work with some corporate clients that we love to post on the blog from time to time.

Rockstar Energy has nominated Kelli Hutcherson to become Miss Strikeforce 2011. Strikeforce and Rockstar teamed up for a photo-shoot to launch the 2011 year and here’s the cinema side.

A Friendly Disclaimer** – This vignette features a model wearing a very suggestive outfit catering to a male crowd, thus the imagery from this edit may not be suitable for the kiddos. No Nudity, but don’t say I didn’t tell you so. . . .

Enjoy 🙂

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