One year ago today, we had the opportunity to document Scott and Brigitte, our Halloween Couple. We wanted to take an opportunity to say Happy 1 year anniversary to Scott and Brigitte as they reach their first milestone as Husband and Wife today on Halloween. It’s always fun to look back at edits from the past and remember the stories that went into putting them together, especially the Same Day Edits. This is their Same Day Edit from a year ago today. Happy Anniversary!

And to make things even better. . . Scott and Brigitte are featured today on Style Me Pretty! To see the article and the AMAZING photographs from our friends over at Focus Photography, click HERE.

One area of our studio that often goes unmentioned is the relationships we forge with our commercial clients. As is often the case, we work with these clients over extended periods of time to tell their stories and convey their messages in turn to their audience. Every client is unique and we have been afforded the opportunity to travel and work with the team from Mission/Bauer Hockey now for almost a year. Over that time, we have filmed many of the elements of their company and the exciting world of Roller Hockey. As they transition into the Holiday Season, they needed a piece to highlight the feedback they have received from their two flagship skates, the Mission Axiom T10 and the Bauer Vapor APXR. Below is the edit that we recently completed highlighting the skates and the company’s “lifestyle” brand.

Today is my little brother’s bday and even though he is now 26 years old, he is still my little brother. The one I used to have fetch my stuff upstairs when I was too lazy to get it myself. I used to challenge him to do it within a certain time frame (less than 20 seconds) so that it was a game for him, and a win for me. I used to pin him on the ground with my knees on his shoulders and beat him into submission because. . . . well. . . I could. He was my little brother. For so many years, we were sworn enemies. I used to remember wishing for the day I could rid myself of such a pain in the ass. He would want to follow me around and do what I was doing with my friends. A tag along. A copycat. My enemy.

Now, he is my best friend. One of the most important people in my life.

And today is his birthday, 26 years young. It’s crazy to think that at one point in our lives we hated each other so much. I’m certain there are millions of other brother’s out there who have similar stories to tell from their younger years. The fights, the rivalry, the utter hatred. However, I find the friendship we have forged as we have grown up is truly one of a kind.

As is the case on birthdays, we often find ourselves asking, “where has the time gone?”, but I prefer to focus my energy on reflection.Where have I come from? What have I accomplished? What does my future hold? I could answer all these questions for David, but this post would grow long and tiresome. As it pertains to the last question, I know that David is going to accomplish incredible things in the not too distant future. His huge heart, incredible drive, and perseverance through difficult situations is going to allow him the strength to accomplish so much, and I cannot wait to witness it.

Not too long ago, David made a promise in front of all of our family and friends to start a new life with his newlywed wife, Lindsay. It was an incredible day and one we are going to be very proud to share with you shortly, thus this post is about David and not David and Lindsay, as that will follow in a bit. On his birthday, what better way to celebrate one of his most recent accomplishments than to post this image, which I feel truly defines David and his love for Lindsay. When he makes a promise, he keeps it, and there is no doubt that the future is bright for David with Lindsay in his life.

As a husband myself, I feel a connection to this image because it says “I do” in so many ways. And so David, it is with much joy, pride, happiness, and excitement for your future that I say “Happy Bday Buddy.”

I Love you. -Steve

The hardest part about creating a trailer for our couples is having to follow only a few threads knowing there are so many incredible directions we could go. Chris and Elisa have such a deep and powerful story and truthfully, this trailer only touches on what was their wedding day. From the Choir/Quartet performance to the Badeken to the signing of the Ketubah, so many stories could be told, but this is only a trailer. We have to save some of the goods for the film, right???

Immediately, the first thing that jumps out in this couple’s adventure was the setting at which they chose to unite their lives. Ranch Las Lomas is easily one of coolest and unique venues in Orange County. . . so much so that you wouldn’t even think you are in the OC once you arrive. To have showcased these two without incorporating the venue would be unthinkable.

Next came the Chuppah. Kim Sanders and the endlessly talented gals from Art with Nature were so kind in allowing us to stalk. . . eh hem. . . film them while they literally built Chris and Elisa’s Chuppah from the ground (as you’ll see). The Chuppah is significant in that it is the first home a Jewish couple builds together as Husband and Wife and we wanted to showcase the care and creativity with which the Chuppah was crafted as it parallels the care and intent of Chris and Elisa’s actions on their day.

And finally, we come to our favorite part about this trailer (and the inspiration behind the title of the post). Upon their first glance, these two were overwhelmed with emotion. It is in that moment that we often catch the greatest pieces of natural audio and this time was no exception. You may have trouble making out what was said, and to be honest we LOVE that because it keeps the moment private as it was that day between Chris and Elisa. The beauty of the sequence is that while everyone may not understand the audio, there are two people who we are certain know exactly what was said.

A large shout out to Joel Eckman Maus from Studio EMP. It was so much fun to be reunited as it had been awhile since we worked together and Joel knows how to rock a camera like no one’s business!! Also, a very big thank you to Ashley Powell from Agape Planning for being so helpful the day of the shoot!


“see” Love

Film is a series of still images captured in sequence to create the illusion of “motion”. Sometimes though, it can be just as powerful to reflect on one frame as it is to reflect on the series in its entirety.

Michelle and Dan is one of our most recent couples and you’ll see their trailer a little later, but this particular frame caught our attention and spoke to us. We feel it is one of the few times where you can actually “see” love.

It is hard to describe the way two people feel about one another minutes after they promise to be together forever. In those first few minutes after a ceremony, once the couple has a chance to be alone, it’s those first few minutes where love can actually be “seen”. Sure, we do things for each other to “show” how much we love one another. The term “acts of love” is used all the time. We can “feel” loved and “be” loved, but how often do we actually “see” love?

This image was captured as a screen shot minutes after Michelle and Dan’s ceremony ended. The look of pure joy in the bride’s smile as she looks up to her husband and he returns a gaze back as if to say “I love you, too”. Not staged, not timed, just captured at random. One of the few moments in life when you can actually “see” love.

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