We all have ways of communicating with one another. We are a society of beings who need to connect with other people. Across the world, billions of people communicate simultaneously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 65 days a year. It’s ingrained into human nature. We interact. We deliver. We receive. and we love.

And when we break down that last statement into the communication between two people, the way we communicate our love becomes so unique, yet so universal at the same time. Every couple has different ways of saying things to one another, but everyone communicates with their significant other in some way, shape, or form. A simple look or a silly expression. A nickname that only two people share with one another. A simple gesture, nod, smile, or gaze that when sent to the right person, can mean everything, but to others. . . nothing at all. As the officiant of this trailer puts it, “We all create our own language.” Dan and Michelle most certainly have a language for one another that is unique to them. We found it so fitting to place a shot into their trailer where Dan fixes Michelle’s hair as they are in the middle of the ceremony. During such a formal and public statement of their commitment to one another, Dan takes a second to show his affection for Michelle without saying anything at all. A simple and small gesture. But when sent to the right individual, it means everything in the world.

This one if full of fun as Dan and Michelle’s story is full of characters who are not camera shy by any stretch of the imagination. As the girls sit and craft together the table napkins for the reception, the guys are up to a game of ping pong with pizza. Throw in an incredible venue at Rancho Valencia with a swimming pool and . . . . well. . . . just press play and see for yourself.

A special thank you to Alison Howard from One & Only Events for her help with the time-line the day of the wedding. Also a big shout out to Denise Bovee from Denise Bovee Photography. We love making new photographer friends and Denise was great to work with!

If there is one wedding blog out there that has supported our studio since their inception, it would have to be the incredible ladies over at The Wedding Chicks! We have had the privilege of being one of the studios on their vendor list now for the past three years (basically since they began). Over that time, the exposure they have generated for us in conjunction with some of the fun tag team projects we have created (click here to see one) leave us with a feeling of family when we refer to Amy and Jocey.

Thank you so much Amy and Jocey for all of your support and continued support along this crazy journey!!! It’s with honor, excitement, and straight humility that we are proud to now be a Hand Picked Vendor with The Wedding Chicks. For a peek at our page, click here! We are so looking forward to a crazy jam packed 2012 with some killer stories on the way. . . . . stay tuned 🙂

Dave and Lindsay have about as crazy of a “How did you guys meet” story as anyone out there. As fate would have it, their meeting took place halfway around the world in the middle of the Mediterranean aboard a cruise ship. As a connection was instant and simple, the battle of continuing the relationship once they headed home was not the same.Home was a very different place for both of them. Still separated by thousands of miles and a three hour time change, these two knew they were investing into something more than just a cruise ship fling. Little did they know that just three short years later, they would be sharing an evening filled with the most important people in both of their lives as they became husband and wife.

This one holds a special place in “the Fray” in that Dave is part of the Threaded Films team. We affectionately refer to him as “the mule” in that he is often the guy behind the scenes on our shoots not only lugging around all of our tools, but making sure the audio on our shoots is perfect. There is only one “mule”. We love you Dave. As we found out when filming our bio film, which you can see on the website labeled as “Our Philosophy“, turning the camera on ourselves is often the most difficult of tasks. However, to see Dave and Lindsay’s story unfold and to share a taste of their day with everyone who is reading this is the ultimate reward. Dave and Lindsay, we hope you enjoy the edit as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Thanks to Gabe for helping out with this shoot as it was definitely all hands on deck and a very sincere thank you goes out to Ben for not only his dedication to filming this day in the way it deserved to be filmed, but also his relentless effort in making sure that this edit stayed true to the story that is Dave and Lindsay.

Also, a special thank you to the radical bodaciously amazing and eternally awesome Lane Dittoe from Lane Dittoe Photography. Photographer. Super-hero. Legend. We love you Lanerd.

In part 1, we shared the stills from the iPhone throughout the trip. Part 2 is some of the video we captured. Well we weren’t up in Wyoming to film for this, we simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to share some of the imagery that was calling out to us. The following is a simple edit that was filmed over the course of several days around Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park. The music and pacing of the edit was designed to convey the calming nature of Wyoming and its landscape. Every sunset is unique and we could have stopped at just about every turn on our journey and showed you something new.

We hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed filming!

A Few quick Behind the Scenes photographs as well. . .

Steve filming the Teton Range with the Cinevate Atlas 10 with vertical slide adapter

Ben grabbing the scenic shot of the Snake River with the Cinevate Atlas 10

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you know that recently we set out on a commercial project in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There is more to come on that work specifically, but we wanted to take the opportunity to share some of the majestic surroundings of Wyoming with you in a two part blog post. Part 1 is dedicated to the stills. . . . and thanks to Apple, the magical iPhone 4s came out just days before we left for this trip, so we opted to take pictures with the cell phone camera as kind of a science experiment (only there really wasn’t any science involved). Just find pretty images (everywhere you look in Wyoming) and find the good light (also abundant in Wyoming) and push the button on the phone. Cell phones sure have come a long way from the “Zack Morris Brick” and we find the images you can grab from this little piece of technology to be stunning. All shots were taken with the Apple iPhone 4s. You decide for yourself.

View after takeoff. Catalina Island covered in morning clouds.

Upon arrival, one of the first places we stopped. Miller House.

The road through Yellowstone

The path to where we found some of our best footage

Nothing beats catching the Aspen trees in the 2 week window that is the change of the leaves.

Perhaps our favorite shot of the trip.

The Teton Range. 

In our next post, we have an edit of some of the epic landscapes that make up Jackson Hole, WY and Yellowstone National Park. Stay tuned. . . .

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