>If you checked out the first dance these two had ( 2 posts below), you can tell that the energy and love Amy and Ben share is vibrant enough to light up all of Southern California. Truly a beautiful wedding from beginning to end. What a pleasure to capture and I’m having even more fun putting it together in post!

Here is the trailer from their special day. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

So, I’ll cut to the chase. . . I’ve been lagging. With “Wedding Season” in full swing, I have neglected both the blog and those of you who check back periodically for new flicks to feast on. Rest assured, we have been accumulating some great stuff that must be shared. . .

Having said that, I promise to bring you several clips shortly as the editing has been non-stop around the clock as of late. Needless to say, it only gets better from here! I will post the trailer from Amy and Ben’s wedding shortly, as was promised in the post showing their first dance!
Amy and Ben definitely put their touch on the day with a First Dance that no one who attended will soon forget! I usually save the blog for highlights, same day edits, and cinematically polished pieces, but I simply couldn’t resist letting this one run virtually unedited. Rest assured, there will be a trailer for this wedding on the blog soon as well, but this couldn’t wait any longer. . .
When you take a bride who has been dancing her entire life, and a groom who is seasoned with years of Lip Sync performances (old fraternity reference), it is no surprise that they had something up their sleeve as all eyes were focused at the onset of the reception! Enjoy!

With so many vendors to get lined up for the big day, sometimes Brides and Grooms to be, and even family members helping out, can get a little flustered with where to start. By the time they get to videography, they are simply out of gas and slightly stressed out to say the least. 

I recently teamed up with Amy Squires from Wedding Chicks to write a short article with a few quick pointers to help brides get started when looking for Wedding Videography in Orange County. A very special THANK YOU to Amy for all of her support of Weddings by SML!

You can click here to check out the article!

Sam and Krista are not your ordinary couple. In fact, it is their unique tastes that compliment one another so well. From Sam’s insistence on rockin’ the Converse All Stars with the Groomsmen, to Krista’s preference for Pink. . . pink bouquets, pink dresses, pink ties, and even a pair of pink heels for herself, all the attention to detail is what made this wedding stand out. Shot on location at the beautiful Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach.

Working with Tony and Marion from Elegant Photography is always a great time. Their work speaks for itself and their upbeat attitude brings out the best in the photographs they create. A very special thank you to Ryan Anderson from Station Identification for helping us to ensure that the sound for the Same Day Edit played flawlessly. With a distance of over 60 feet from the DJ booth to the projector, the presentation could not have happened without their expertise and professionalism! And as always, Allison from Flower Allie providing beautiful pink roses for the special day.

This one had to be cut in a hurry. With just 3 hours to get everything together, it was a mad dash to the finish line, but we pulled it off in true Weddings by SML style! ENJOY!!!

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