Gift giving is never easy. Especially on your wedding day. John had a heads up from his mom that Molly was getting him something special, REALLY special as a wedding gift on June 27. In fact when John asked his mother for a hint on just how special it would be, Mrs. Chace was pretty blunt.

“Molly reached into your soul,” she warned.

A little back story: John had to sell his drum set when he and Molly moved in together at their Huntington Beach apartment. John plays both guitar and drums, but it was the latter that he loved more than just about anything. They were a huge part of his life and passion. The replacement electronic drum set that he got just didn’t quite cut it. When he had to let go of his set, it was a sacrifice that did not go unnoticed by his fiancée. (No spoilers here but hint, hint).

After receiving the tip of an impending gift of a lifetime, John did some soul searching of his own in an attempt to come up with something of equal significance. He didn’t need to look much further than his fast approaching wedding day for the idea of something special. He had the brilliantly romantic idea of a gift that would help Molly remember all the details and mementos that made it special. It made for a couple of pretty emotional moments on June 27, when the two opened up their gifts. We’ll let you watch for your self.

We’re not surprised that John and Molly knocked the whole soul-searching, gift-giving escapade out of the park. From our first Skype meeting with them it was obvious how much they cared about and understood each other — right down to the each other’s soul. (One might we call them soul mates? We digress.)

Congratulations to our good friends Mr. and Mrs. John Chace, we had a blast being a part of it. As one bridesmaid so astutely noted that day, Molly and John’s incredible day will live on in Internet Land with one of the coolest wedding hashtags we’ve ever seen (and we see a LOT of cool hashtags, we promise).

We’ll leave you with that, for indeed #theChaceIsOver for Molly and John.