Party weddings call for party trailers. We had some fun with this one; we’re pumped to share some of our favorite moments from one of the more dapper (dare we say bad and boujee?) couples we’ve filmed. Just be sure to stick around for the bonus ending.

Yep, we’re click-baiting you, but we promise it’s worth it.



Thanks to Patrick and Portia for being the life of the party and letting us in on the fun, Sterling Engagements for yet another breathtaking event and the Vibiana staff who continually turn the downtown venue from a really cool ballroom into a full-on fairytale castle. Thanks also to Shawna Yamamoto Design’s team for tirelessly turning Vibiana into a full-on garden (seriously, it’s pretty astounding), Fantasy Frostings, Pastor Billie R. Keller, Make-Up By Rob and anyone else who (no doubt we are forgetting but) made Patrick and Portia’s day spectacular

Callaway Gable, it was a treat to work alongside some of the best photographers in the biz yet again. You guys get a special call out (that’s what happens when you walk through our shot, Brian), but in all seriousness it was a pleasure. Until next time.

When photographers walk through your shot, you GIF it so you can troll them forever.