Yes, that’s a terrible baseball headline. But it got you here, right?

It is indeed baseball season and we were thrilled to have gotten a really cool pitch (we’ll stop soon, promise) from Carhartt on their “Strikeout For Vets” campaign. This MLB season every time a player from Carhartt’s starting rotation strikes out a batter, Carhartt will donate $100 to the Helmets to Hardhats program; it’s a really awesome initiative that provides a whole bunch of resources to help veterans returning home land jobs in the construction industry.

Carhartt came to us on a time crunch and asked us to make a compelling project. We’d like to think we “hit it out of the p-” never mind, we’ll stop. These videos will be played at various stadiums around the country and help drive the social media push for a pretty great cause. Check out more videos and the rest of the campaign here.