They say if you can count how many true friends you have on more than one hand, you are a lucky person. Brett and Adriana are VERY lucky people. Surrounded all day by friends who laughed and shared in their excitement, we had such a great opportunity to document the banter and fun that took place throughout the morning. Between the guys getting dressed, joking, making fun of one another, and opening a very special bottle of scotch and the girls laughing and managing flower-girl makeup mishaps, this wedding was so much fun to be a part of.

It’s tough not to believe in fate when you hear how Brett and Adriana met one another. Perhaps in a scene straight out of a romantic comedy (the inspiration for the cheesy title of the post), to say these two were destined to be together would be doing their story an injustice. We couldn’t tell this tale in the proper fashion if we didn’t explain how they met, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the story that is Brett and Adriana.

A shout out is due to Gavin Wade from Gavin Wade Photography. You are such a great photographer to work with and we truly hope our paths cross again in the future!